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  2. I don’t think it will apply in the NHL after the initial 14 days, after arriving at the hub, since they would have had the group quarantine. It’s not like baseball, where there will be continuous travel.
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  4. That's right. $750K is the maximum fine for violating the Quarantine Act. No union approval needed. And the same will surely apply to the NHL hubs as well.
  5. And Habs kicked ass at start of last season, so think not hopeless.
  6. That is what the government is putting in place for MLB, in order to waive the 14 day quarantine rule for players coming from the US. In order to waive that rule and come to Toronto and play games, they need to stay in the Hotel Bubble, or else they would face 14 day quarantines every time they came back from a road trip.
  7. Nice try Brian, but once again, a thread that wasn't about Bergevin, has devolved into a thread about Bergevin and and his leadership of the entire franchise, whether he should be replaced or not, who should replace him, etc... Thanks for trying to keep the Romanov thread on Romanov and the Bergevin stuff can be in a thread about him, but alas... here we are again.
  8. A healthy CH can give the Pens some scares and even surprise them if the CH gets the lucky bounces On paper, PIT should win but I can’t wait to see how the CH performs on the ice
  9. The team finished in cellar when he took over, cant regress from that. Many free agents want absolutely no part of working in Quebec (see Radulov as prime example), seems a non-starter for many (like a Tavares). So any Hab GM is starting with one arm tied behind back, unlike many other preferred destinations (NY, LA, TO, etc) GM and Coach MUST be bilingual (extreme small pool to pick from) Have had zero luck finding another Subban or Gallagher in 2nd or later rounds. Maybe is some French assistant GM out there that fits the bill, I just haven't heard of any (since Brisbois is off market)
  10. Still was 1-1-1 head to head last season.
  11. Amen. This is one of the fundamental traps that coaches, managers, and leaders in general fall into: thinking it's about them, or else being defensive/insecure about their own authority. This is always sub-optimal, in any field. Leadership is, above all, a position of service: service to those under you, to help them succeed, and service to the organization as a whole. I suspect hockey types are disproportionately prone to the trap of being ego-driven because they succeeded in the first place by being hyper-competitive. They therefore have to be extra vigilant about not allowing those competitive juices to turn inward against players they don't like, or who seem to challenge their authority; instead they need to keep the best interests of the team in the forefront, always. A coach can hate a player personally but recognize that he is an important asset. That's what the Habs should have done with Roy. If you couldn't work effectively with one of the greatest goalies in history and two-time Cup/Conne Smythe winner, then you needed to change your tune as a coach, not make an argument to get rid of the guy. The Habs hired a completely inexperienced and unqualified GM at the same time as they hired a completely inexperienced and unqualified coach. It was a recipe for self-immolation. And that's exactly what happened. Looking back, what amazes me is that I ever allowed myself to hope that that combination could be successful. I was in my 20s at that point and should have known better. Then again, a lot of the media types also seemed willing to get on board; Blueberry had been one of them, and Houle was a genial, harmless, well-liked old sock. Typical.
  12. Me too ... that might even be more than some players make this season ... it almost sounds more like a sarcastic response to another tweet/question ... especially because of the jail part.
  13. Obviously if Covid is rampant in Russia/Sweden/Norway/etc. when the Habs would actually make the loan arrangement then it would make no sense ... duh ... but arrangements need not be made now ... if Covid is at a reasonable level wherever they are considering (say equivalent to staying in Montreal) then the benefit is getting Romanov sharp for training camp if they are expecting him to start the 2020-21 season with the Habs
  14. If my best friend is in an abusive relationship I don't think I have to have someone selected for them to date before telling them to get out ... that is not change for the sake of change, it is hopefully change for their betterment and safety ... I say "hopefully", because there are never any guarantees for anything ... they could leave a physically abusive partner and end up with an emotionally abusive ... and like hiring a GM, I would have no control over it. It is not the job of fans to find the GM ... it is ownership's job to hire GMs ... if they do as I hope, it is then also their job to decide whether to hire someone with previous experience or a "newbie" ... I feel the current GM has not done anything to merit retaining his job ... the team has regressed in his time here ... in the 8 seasons before he arrived the team missed the playoffs twice ... in his 8 seasons he has missed the playoffs 4 times (even if they beat Pittsburgh, for evaluation purposes this season is a miss as they never would have had a sniff if not for Covid and the NHL's desire to have their TV market in the play-in) ... his supposed good drafting is based on players that have yet to prove ANYTHING and while he may have, as many say, "won every trade" he has not managed to acquire any major upgrades to help the team become a solid playoff team let alone a Cup contender ... IMO that means he has not done his job and should be replaced.
  15. While the Habs may have an outside chance, the Pens are a battle-hardened group with unbelievable power at C. Of course the smart money is on them.
  16. Holy moly, $750,000 fine seems extreme, surprised union agreed to that.
  17. So, 12% of the people think the Pens are more likely to win. Doesn't mean that they are 88% likely to win, though.
  18. interesting that just 12% think Habs will win vs Pitt in mainpage poll, even though are lots of 1st round upsets every year..
  19. I'm not too worried about the ECHL for next season - this potential agreement with the Habs would start in 2021-22.
  20. That's excellent news. Let's hope there is an ECHL (and AHL) season next year!
  21. Yeah - most of them will either go where the money is, or go where they think the team has a "chance to win," even if it's a team of clearly declining greybeards like San Jose.
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  23. Again, SUCH AS whom, give me a name or two you have in mind...anyone! You want a better GM with proven track record, wing it with some no name with no GM experience, or just change for sake of change and keep fingers crossed Patrick Roy doesn't quit when he and Molson butt heads.
  24. So this is sort of done now. The city announced an agreement with Deacon Sports and Entertainment to run the arena. It's a five-year deal with two other five-year options. The ECHL has not ratified this yet and accordingly, the affiliation with the Canadiens can't be announced either.
  25. I am fairly certain I made a post about that in the original trade thread, something like that he might start to focus on his celebrity more than hockey, among many of the reasons why I was defending the trade. Of course I would have been down voted into oblivion
  26. I dont see the logic in lending out a player to say "europe" and expose them to injury or illness during a "pandemic" only to bring them back in November for the new season. What team is going to agree to that let alone the player.
  27. When they were hired I had the same feeling for Houle and Tremblay that I have each time I but a lottery ticket ... hope but no expectations ... That game proved to me that Tremblay's ego came before the team
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