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  3. I agree Don, the idea of sitting inside during the months of July\August to watch players play in empty buildings with no fans going crazy doesn't seem exciting to me. Summer is short.
  4. I think you need a mix of youth and experience... Alzner, Ouellet, Belzille should be part of the group, as should Poehling, Brook, Vejdemo, Fleury, Leskinen...
  5. Well, with 3 months off will we see a better team? Ended off with just 3g in 3 losses, scored by Evans, Vedjemo and Lehkonen, who arnt a Crosby or Malkin.
  6. From comments I have come across around the web and social media, it seems as though people are really giving the Habs a good chance against the Pens. While I have enjoyed being an optimistic Habs fan for most of my life, the Habs were sellers at the deadline and the Pens were buyers. Players like Zucker were added (albeit at the “expense of Galchenyuk) and we lost a player like Kovalchuk. I noticed by the deafening silence after my most recent post that I am one of the few who still dwell on the loss of Kovalchuk. While I understand there would be a chance to win the series, the Habs got rid of a performer and the pens added one at the deadline. One would have to assume that just the mentality of the organizations would be different from one another heading into these playoffs. With that being said, there should be less pressure on the Habs, if that makes sense, and it would be true to argue that Kovalchuk was acquired in order to fill a void on a depleted team. We have some players, like Drouin, for example, who will be back and healthy. Come to think of it, and this is as important a point as any, I remember watching a Tampa Bay versus Pittsburgh playoff series a few years back, and Drouin was outclassing Crosby. Sincerely, my fondest memories of Drouin are from that series. Here’s to hoping.
  7. Some may be happy and excited, i would be happier if pulled the plug and start anew in Mid-Sept.. But, am sure i will catch all the Hab games and am sure all the players cant wait to play. I hope not to see Alzner or Oulette anywhere near the black aces and they go with younger d-men.
  8. I was going through list of invited players to CH combines that eventually were signed to AHL contract. 2012 looks interesting in hindsight: https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2012/6/12/3080735/montreal-canadiens-host-team-draft-combine
  9. Have they confirmed yet whether Romanov is a go?
  10. Agreed But Jarry was the better goalie all year no doubt.. in a short series we can only hope to jump on them with good goaltending of our own.... I pray for Carey "Hart" Price this summer
  11. Thanks for sharing this Commandant Good read!
  12. Finally, some good news on the hockey front. Commissioner Gary Bettman announced the league's plan to return. This has hockey fans all over the world excited to watch NHL hockey this summer. While there are still some hurdles the NHL and NHLPA still have to leap, teams will need to start prepping to get back to work to continue their quest to raise Lord Stanley's Cup. The NHL announced that each team will be allowed to increase its roster size to 28. These extra players who were playing in different leagues will be brought along for the ride and could potentially draw into the lineup at any time during these playoffs. These players are referred to as Black Aces. Here are who we expect to be the Montreal Canadiens Black Aces. Cayden Primeau We'll start with the goaltending position and Cayden Primeau. Primeau is thought to be Carey Price's successor and showed his brilliance already in the AHL this season as well as the two starts he got for the Habs. Primeau put up a solid rookie season with a record of 17-11-3 in the AHL this season with a goals-against-average of 2.45 and a save percentage of .908. He managed to go 1-1 with the Habs with an outstanding save percentage of .931 and a goals-against-average of 2.56. It was the way Primeau carried himself in the games that was even more impressive. Looking very composed, he did not show the jitters of being a rookie in his first two games in the NHL. More here The Montreal Canadiens Black Aces - Last Word on Hockey
  13. Good signing i think, and easy choice over Houde who i didnt like the pick on draft day.
  14. A simulator for anyone interested in killing some time: https://draftprospectshockey.com/draftsim
  15. Keep in mind, Domi may not play subject full medical review and weighing in on the risks. He is in a higher risk group. ( Type 1 diabetes). Bergevin has also confirmed that Max wouldn't be put at risk. End of day, will be Max, his family decision.
  16. I would agree if we were a year ago (2019). At the end of that season it was clear Drouin was "pouting" and underperforming. On his exit interviews he acknowledge he was not good enough During the summer he worked a lot using video with his old coach. He did not that great during training camp, expectatuions where high But from the start of the season until he got hurt, he was delivering. His played was much better === that is why I am hopeful: despite the extra scrutiny of being a local french speaking player, he didn't crumble under the pressure but actually showed improvement. To me, that was very positive
  17. With his junior eligibility exhausted, Rafael Harvey-Pinard (a 7th rounder of the Habs back in 2019) was going to be turning pro one way or the other for next season. He won't be playing on an entry-level deal though as he instead inked a one-year, one-way deal with Laval. I know he was holding out hope of an ELC but this is certainly the better route from Montreal's perspective. http://www.habsworld.net/2020/05/laval-signs-rafael-harvey-pinard-to-a-one-year-deal/
  18. Realistic, 14pts in 17games in last playoffs with TB. And he looked good in those playoffs...but yes he does seem to pout (for lack of better word) at times, which is too much Me Me Me and not enough looking at bigger picture.
  19. Fair enough. I encourage a realistic rather than a rose-coloured view of Drouin, but I'm not going to come out and say that he definitely will never become a core-type player. It could still happen. I just think the odds are against it.
  20. I think the CH is working really hard on molding Drouin into shape. He seems to be responding better than Galchenyuk, the Kostitsins and Beaulieu I am hopeful, but not blindly hopeful
  21. Well, I have to admit, it is a good draft class this year ...
  22. It could happen, but I see him as the latest in a long line of talented forwards who have great tools and lack the toolbox. Don't get me wrong, he's a legit top-6 FW. But he is better positioned as a supplementary rather than a core piece. Any team counting on him to be the "straw that stirs the drink" is going to be disappointed, because sooner or later he will evaporate, get hurt, go into a long slump, etc., etc., etc.. Guys like him - soft skill guys who floated through junior on talent and entitlement - usually let you down in the end.
  23. I do count on him, he _has_ to take Tatar’s spot as out 1st line LW at some point or the Habs are in trouble . There is little scoring from the wings on this team
  24. Do not count on Drouin. Word to the wise.
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