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  3. Does Audette's father scout for other organizations? Would you of chosen 16g 32pt Houde? They hadnt taken a french kid in 2017 nor the 1st 9 picks of 2018, i say he was token pick to keep RDS and other locals from freaking out. At least undrafted Teasdale looks like a better prospect.
  4. Lehkonen and armia will be resigned, I assume Weal will be offered a contract Juulson has had a bunch of injuries, so offering Follin a contract may not be a bad idea, same with Kulak. Other than that, MB should be looking ot land LD to play big minutes, and a back up goalie who can give the habs a chance to play him and get points in 20 games or so. I would look to move hudon over the summer The rest are AHL players
  5. Ya I worded that badly. I meant that of the group I would want ro keep armia and Lehkonen first. But lehkonen shouldn't get big money.
  6. Oh, if you’re arguing big money than no. I just mean I think he’s earned a contract, and I wouldn’t be afraid of giving him term either of he wanted it. Just not at a high AAV
  7. I'm a fan as well. I just don't think he has earned big money. You gotta get points.
  8. Consider The Habs drafted 1 QMJHL player in 2018 (11 picks) The Habs drafted 0 QMJHL players in 2017 (7 picks) The Habs drafted 0 QMJHL players in 2016 (6 picks) The Habs drafted 1 QMJHL player in 2015 (5 picks) The Habs drafted 1 QMJHL player in 2014 (6 picks) The Habs drafted 4 QMJHL players in 2013 (8 picks) The Habs drafted 1 QMJHL players in 2012 So total... 8 QMJHL players in 7 drafts under Bergevin. including 2 years where they didn't take any. Tampa has drafted 10 players out of the QMJHL in 52 picks in the same time frame. Only once in that same span did they not draft a QMJHL player. San Jose 8 Colorado 6 Calgary 6 Arizona 6 there are a bunch of teams with lots of Q draft picks over the last 7 years. So tell me exactly why we believe that these aren't the best picks but are token picks when made by the Habs, but not other organizations?
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    He played that role on a strong team in Tampa. He also played that role on a team that finished with the 13th ranked power play in the NHL in 2017-18 (and was top 5 in the second half of the season after Weber got hurt and they stopped forcing everything to him). He has proven he can do that role in the past, and despite his flaws at even strength, i don't think he has gotten any worse at being able to run the point on the power play. He just didn't have a good scheme around him, and was missing a key tool (the Galchenyuk role), this year. That role is so big. It prevents the defence from shading to the Weber side of the ice.
  10. I don't think it was wasted. He was a huge scorer in junior. He scored 39 points in 71 AHL games this season. He's not horrible. He developed into an AHL journeyman instead of an NHL player, but the kid had offensive skills. High end offensive potential that didn't develop due to other deficiencies in his game. Thats what you get in that round. A player who has one or two skills, and more deficiencies, and you hope that you can develop something out of that. No perfect players are left, and the chances of being an NHL player are low. He was a worthy player to pick at that point, regardless of who his father was.
  11. I think your nuts if you don’t like Lehkonen haha. He might not have crazy point totals, but he’s an absolute dog on the puck, constantly causing turnovers and outworking his opponents. On top of that the guy still did put up 30 points on usually the 3rd or forth line. Love the player personally.
  12. Am sure Donald Audette, as Quebec amateur scout was unbiased in his assessment (right up there with LaCarriere hiring his son (out of nowhere) as assistant coach of Hamilton). So why not waste 5th round picks I guess, they did again this year with Samual Houde...and we can know why he was chosen, after picking 9 non-french kids, had to take at least one Quebec born. But like you hint, 5th round picks I guess are pretty worthless and can be wasted.
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Hmmm, good thoughts! Maybe my faith in d-men is a bit behind the times. One fly in the ointment you offer here is the role you're giving Drouin. He has the tools to do what you describe, but my faith in his brains is sub-polar at this point.. Next year will be make or break; I doubt he'll ever become a guy to count on, however, although he might fool people into thinking he is for a period of time.
  14. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Great to see them beat Flames, another upset would be neat.
  15. Define... was a terrible pick to begin with.... the guy was drafted in the 5th round.
  16. Predictions: UFAs: Jordan Weal (stays 1.5 million per year) Nate Thompson (walks) Jodie Benn (walks) Christian Folin (stays 800,000 per year) Antti Niemi (walks) RFAs: Joel Armia (stays 2.1 million per year) Arturri Lehkonen (stays 1.5 million per year) Charles Hudon (traded) Michael McCarron (stays, 900,000 per year) Daniel Audette (walks, no qualifying offer) Hunter Shinkurak (walks, no qualifying offer) Brett Kulak (stays 2 million per year) Mike Reilly (stays 850,000 per year) Gustav Olofsson (stays 800,000 per year) Xavier Ouellet (walks, no qualifying offer) Brett Lernout (walks, no qualifying offer)
  17. I could take or leave any of those guys. Armia might get a raise depending ohn what he makes. Lehkonen hasn't really earned one yet. Even though I like the way he plays a lot. You gotta get points now and then too.
  18. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    McKinnon is the best player by a mile in this series. So dangerous every time he gets the puck.
  19. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Man, that was an entertaining Flames/Avs game!!
  20. UFAs: Jordan Weal Nate Thompson Jodie Benn Christian Folin Antti Niemi RFAs: Joel Armia Arturri Lehkonen Charles Hudon Michael McCarron Daniel Audette Hunter Shinkurak Brett Kulak Mike Reilly Gustav Olofsson Xavier Ouellet Brett Lernout So far only Antti Niemi has been informed he'll not be offered a contract for next season.
  21. Injury news

    That makes sense.
  22. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    5-0 for Dallas! I like it!
  23. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Romanov hasnt played since March 4, but CSKA is up 3-0 in series. (I assume he is the #8 or#9 d-man and being a rookie likely doesnt help?) Suzuki plays Saginaw tomorrow McShane plays Ottawa tomorrow. Teasdale plays Friday vs Rimouski Fonstad's team plays Friday vs Edmonton (he may be out injured?)
  24. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Pacioretty career: 0.69pts/gm in playoffs 0.70pt/gm in reg season
  25. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Same with Sergei Bobrovsky being bad in the playoffs. Clutch is a myth.
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