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  2. Third in Atlantic now, at least for a brief moment. And for the icing on the cake, the Leafs are currently out of a playoff position. Yes, yes, 90% of the season still left, but am enjoying the moment anyway!
  3. Habs are playing a boring period, but with another game tomorrow it makes sense. Play as many easy minutes as possible when you're up by 3.
  4. The left and right wall play and goal line play open up Weber for the cannon. He will start to score those soon.
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  6. Given Bergevin's affinity for physical stay-at-home players, the fact that he's a rental player, and San Jose's complete lack of cap room, I suspect Brenden Dillon is who they're looking at. He's a better fit on the third pairing but has played higher in a pinch and he's the type of player that might be a better fit for Julien than someone like Reilly. I don't have much interest in him myself but Vlasic isn't a likely target for the contract and Ferraro's a rookie so if they're looking at LD's, that leaves Dillon.
  7. I would never have guessed that St. Louis would be a good matchup for us going into this season, but...
  8. They didn't call anyone up when Cousins was hurt as they carried just 12 healthy forwards for more than a week so I imagine they won't call anyone up here. Reilly's still available if someone was to get injured in the warmup tomorrow and he'll serve as the reserve (if he's not in the lineup).
  9. Sounds like a lower-body injury that was tweaked or happened in the warmup.
  10. Armia got injured in warmup with a lower body injury. Habs are playing a back to back, but Laval is also playing today so I wonder if we'll see a call up or not.
  11. Armia was scratched, too. Any word on him?
  12. I was just busting chops.... I dont want either of them. With that said, Vlasic is signed till 38 not 40.
  13. Suzuki's goal started with Gallagher going hard at the defenseman that had lost his stick. I'd say it was a great decison by Gallagher, but we all know that it wasn't a decision... it was proclivity.
  14. I think we just are a match up nightmare for the defending champs
  15. Suzuki is having a game. I was going to mention it before the goal.
  16. MTL: PP Goal Jonathan Drouin (3) assists: Jesperi Kotkaniemi (1) Goalie Jake Allen (STL 1, MTL 3 - 03:39 2nd)
  17. The key is to use those options instead of Weber taking all the shots. They did, and Drouin picked up a nice PPG. Good work!
  18. 3-2-1 Hersey won 3 of last 4 and Laval 3-3 looking for 4th win a in a row. https://theahl.com/stats/game-center/1019694 Rocket PP 20% 4-20 Rocket PK 95% 1-19 Goals for 15 (2.50g/gm) Goals against 18
  19. It was the second PP unit again, it’s been the better of the two by far so far this season.
  20. Thompson looking beastly on the penalty kill. Couldn't lift it.
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