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  2. Nate Thompson re-signs

    Cheap depth Insurance. If one of the young guys excels in camp, he will be gone faster than you can spell “ Tomas Plekanec”
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  4. NO one, even Weise figured he would ever wear a Habs jersey again. I still dont understand Hudon? He is productive when played; 10g 30pts in 72games as a rookie. I guess Weal simply replaces Peca's role and the goon i guess is not needed.
  5. Peca, Hudon, Deslauriers, and Weise are not having a good day today.
  6. Nate Thompson re-signs

    Do you think Bergevin shed a tear of joy when Julien asked him for veteran help for the 4th line, or did he manage to stay stoic? I assume the contract wasn't done sooner because Bergevin had to convince Nate that it wasn't THAT weird to finalize the deal by holding hands with Julien and skipping through a spring meadow while singing 'Happy Together'...
  7. Nate Thompson re-signs

  8. Nate Thompson re-signs

    Cant complain about signing, but thought (hoped) would go younger.
  9. Cant complain about a $1m salary for any NHLer these days, wasn't sure they would re-up him. He seems a competent 4th liner but I thought Weal/Poehling/Evans/Suzuki was enough depth, just likely would be too green for Julien.
  10. Nate Thompson re-signs

    I am whelmed with him coming back, but I'm sure Julien was calling Bergevin 4 times a day asking him if Nate had signed yet.
  11. Thompson re-signs: 1 year, 1 million
  12. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    The reason was he asked him to fight, not Ovechkin's fault the "teenager" cant fight
  13. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Glad to see the Caps lose 4 of 5 and get eliminated after Ovi knocked out a teenager for no reason.
  14. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    1a Suzuki in 3-1 loss, down 3-1 in series, 15gms 11g 25pts Teasdale 1g1a in game 4 of a 4 game sweep; 14gms 11g 26pts McShane no pts in loss and done. Fonstad no pts in win, 2-2 in series.
  15. I dont buy the contract year stuff either. Looking at players, the number of players who overperform in a contract year are about the same as those who underperform. Some will do both (in different years). Its just random luck of when a player will have a career year. Add in the fact that weal's hot streak is a small sample... and i think the guy just got hot for a few weeks... which happens. Id still re-sign him though... but i expect a fourth liner with speed, faceoff skills, and pk ability
  16. Injury news

    Possible. Could also be the reason he was a "healthy scratch". But thats just us speculating.
  17. Everyone may be motivated. But not everyone can raise his level of play.
  18. 2019 HW Playoff Pool

    Need to wait for the last round 1 game to finish first!
  19. Injury news

    Was this possibly bothering him towards the end of the season, and affecting his play?
  20. His defensive game just jumped in the playoffs. Hes so much more active than he was during the season. Could be just the hype from being hot but it shows hes capable of it. Skating is not a concern for Lavoie. Even if this strong backchecking is a mirage. Edit: I was reallypro McCarron mainly because I saw him score two hatties in the ahl live.... Lavoie is a 100% different/better player.
  21. 6'3" or 4" and can score a bit, will have most teams scouting him heavy. Has his skating looked "good for his size"? Skating is so important, like a McCarron who is just 1/2 step too late to the puck, to the hit, etc. to play at NHL speed. I had read Lavoie's defensive game really needing improving, maybe he has worked hard at it or more focused with draft coming up perhaps? But, i think will still be a handful of nice options at 15, even if he is taken sooner.
  22. 2019 HW Playoff Pool

    Don't forget to submit your picks for round 2. If you haven't joined up yet, you still can.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Saw Ducharme at the Drumonville-Halifax game tonight. Ex drumondville coach so not sure how much scouting he'll be doing... but I hope the habs are watching Lavoie's playoff run. By god if he slips to 15... he has been insane (been to half Halifax's playoff games). His goal scoring has been getting most the attention in the playoffs but his two way game looks incredible this run. He disrupts so much with his reach.
  25. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    I also think the second Vegas goal was a high stick. I was shocked when that was allowed. Luck goes both ways. In the end, they collectively control emotionally during that 5 min PK. Can’t fall apart THAT badly and then blame the refs.
  26. Buffalo & Ottawa supposedly interested in Jacques Martin for head coach. An idiots tweet, just Bouchard's take on young players these days.
  27. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    This. Or win game 5 or 6.
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