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  2. Seriously - Laval can't score and the solution is to take two of their best players out of the lineup and make them healthy scratches? No, Bouchard, the solution is to put those players in situations where they have a shot at succeeding, not in limited roles while playing your fourth line centre on the wing with Hudon and Kotkaniemi. That's a Sylvain Lefebvre move of desperate stupidity. But hey, Laval will have more fourth line plugs in there at least...
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  4. Its not retooling its gm's that are able to keep their prospects pool strong at the same time being able to make trades and upgrades to their team, and be a consistent playoff team.
  5. Watched the game on the PVR. Like the CH, I am dialing it in On teh positive, due to injuries Mete and Ouellet are playing on their off-side (ahead of Folin, which does not bode well for him). They are doing OK, but get burnt on the outside a couple of time each game. I liked Evans game centering the 4th line more than what I remember of Poehling playing that role. My memory is sh!!#@t, so take it for what is worth Suzuki has clearly established himself as the CH's 2C. Which makes Domi expendable, Even id Suzuki struggles next year and doesn score as much, his defensive awareness and positioning makes him a decent option on the 3rd line next year. If the CH doesn't sign a top LD, I hope they re-sign Scandella. He is an NHL-level LD that can shelter Mete or even Romanov (if he makes it) next year. Kovalchuk is cooling off, but Drouin tends to get hurt for long periods every second year and is inconsistent at best. I would keep Kovalchuk next year as an insurrance policy to cover for Drouin when we need to sit him We need a backup goalie more than an LD. F*..!ck this "ride the $10M man" thing and get a solid backup
  6. This ugly road trip (1 point out of 4 games so far) mercifully comes to an end for Laval today as they're in Providence to take on the Bruins (Lines are from last game.) Hudon - Kotkaniemi - Lynch Peca - Poehling - Barber Varone - Vejdemo - Alain Veilleux - Dauphin - Waked Alzner - Fleury Olofsson - Lamarche Leskinen - Brook McNiven (Lines based on last game's +/- data.) Carey - Studnicka - Lantosi Woods - Gaunce - Senyshyn Koppanen - Frederic - Hughes Fitzgerald - Steen - Shen Vaakanainen - Kampfer Zech - Petrovic Zboril - Didier Lagace Puck drop is at 3:05 PM EST. 91.9 Sports has the coverage in French.
  7. Ok, you are going to have to give me a couple examples of GMs who are retooling through the draft, and making the playoffs consistently, while also being contenders..
  8. One of the foundational problems with NHL discipline - from officiating all the way up - is that impartiality is secondary to The Code. That's why a kid like Elias Pettersson can be routinely mugged game in and game out (he's too insolent a punk, so the refs let him pay), while an irritant like Gallagher is permitted to be cross-checked in the throat, and why 'good guys' and respected veterans like Chara and Weber are allowed to do pretty much anything to anybody. It is a fundamentally arbitrary application of the rules based on moralizing judgements about which type of human being deserves punishment, rather than about punishing misdeeds as such, which is how it should be. Only rarely, IMHO, does this arbitrariness go beyond individuals to encompass entire teams, however. But at the level of individual discipline, it is rampant and completely unacceptable.
  9. No, refs aren't always telling players to go F themselves like that.
  10. Come on! Banter like that always is going on, just mic's dont normally pick up most of it. Again, it is always the losing team that is whining about reffing. 13-20 at home 14-14 on the road, Why so bad at home?
  11. Refs have to be impartial. Its part of the job, you can't be unprofessional like that.
  12. It depends on whether or not they want him to have more time developing his skill game. In Laval, he's often on the top line plus PP plus PK. In Montreal, he'll get half the ice time and other than the odd PK shift, it'll basically be fourth line on fourth line time. Can he handle that role down the stretch? Probably. But from a development perspective, more time in top minutes may be better, especially with Laval trying to make the playoffs.
  13. The Tsar 2a Pinard 1g(30)2a (6pts this weekend, 9 in last 4, 12th in Q scoring) Hillis 2g (20,21) Harris 2a Pitlick 1g Caufield 0pts, quiet weekend.
  14. Why, am sure it happens all the time? But, still funny to hear.
  15. I thought Evans did well at center. Does he have anything left to learn in Laval?
  16. Reffing was horrible but the stars took away the neutral zone halfway through the second and for some reason the habs decided to give the puck away every time they had it. You have the lead. If there's no play dont force one. Especially with the lead. Deserved loss I says.
  17. Absolutely brutal. Price seemed agitated for the second half. I think he was pissed off at his team, TBH. I liked the fire Armia and Gally showed, as well as all the f-bombs Julien was throwing. The reffing was practically a set-up for Dallas. Poor Scandella. I like him, and I hope nobody blames him for the loss. 😃 Yeah, that was elite by Seguin. And yeah, the closest we have to an answer is...Suzuki. Nice kid, but some distance from that level at this point (if ever).
  18. the reffing was attrocious but they have to hold a 3-0 lead.
  19. Habs had a 3-0 lead, #28 assisted on one Dallas goal and scored another own goal. But, he told Price he was sorry. I didnt bother to watch OT.
  20. I only caught the end of the third and OT, didn’t catch the rest. Sounds like a great officiating job.
  21. We never get guys like that. Instead, we get Drouins... 🤮
  22. Ahh, the missed trip on Armia? That was quite an outburst.
  23. Refs didn't call a penalty against Dallas all game, and had several opportunities to do so.
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