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  1. Wow, what a game! Bring on the Jets!! I'd just like to pat myself on the back, by reminding y'all that I picked the Habs in 7 games. https://www.habsworld.net/2021/05/habsworld-predicts-2021-playoffs-round-1-part-2/
  2. Here is some cool trivia about Kotkaniemi and his OT goal last night.
  3. I would *love* to see Perry back next season. He's earned another contract, and I think he may prefer to re-sign with the Habs instead of rolling the dice with the Kraken. It's doubtful to me that Anaheim will want him back as they are going full boar on a youth movement.
  4. Podcast #76 is now online. We recorded this after the trade deadline, and had a lot to say about the Habs. I believe our audio quality is much improved since moving to Zoom. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. https://www.habsworld.net/2021/04/habsworld-podcast-episode-76/
  5. Armia looked *terrible* on that turnover behind his own zone which lead to the Calgary goal. He has not been the same since he came back from his concussion. Maybe it's time to rest him and give Frolik a chance.
  6. On the TSN TV broadcast Carlo Coliacovo pointed out that Burrows has taken over the power play, and draws them up with multiple options for the players to follow so they are not stagnant if a player is neutralized. He also said that the Habs are (so far) 4 for 8 on the power play!
  7. That is very interesting, and I'm not surprised Boucher picked up on this. I wonder if he meant that was an in-game adjustment, or an adjustment since Ducharmes took over as the head coach?
  8. Price did come out of his net a fair amount to challenge the shooter. Maybe he gave too much of an angle on his stick side when he did. I called it a soft goal because he was beaten on a the easiest type of shot to stop [wrist] by Zub, an undrafted rookie defenceman who has only other 1 goal to his credit. This was not a perfect wrist shot from Crosby or Kucherov. It was not a screened slapshot either, or a back door play. It was the type of shot Price used to stop all the time. Carey did play better overall in this game, but I literally held my breath every time Ottawa had the puck in the Habs end in this game. If I were the coach I would go back to Allen for the next game, then rotate back to Price for Saturday's game. If DD flips the two starts the other way, that would be ok too but I really don't want to see Price play more than two games in a row until he shows he is out of his slump. I wouldn't say Price outplayed the Senator's third string rookie goalie Daccord, whose play was at least on par with Price's. By the way, Daccord was starting his second NHL game, and had only played 1 period of a game a few days ago. Imagine if the Habs & Price had lost *this* game!
  9. Ugh....Price beaten clean on a wrist shot from that Ottawa defenceman. I was starting to think he was playing well, then he let's in another banana goal.
  10. Nice save by Price on Tkachuk. Unfortunately Price directly put it on Tkachuk's stick to begin that play. 😞
  11. I love that open ice hit by Romanov. Clean, hard hit, takes out the player and is an inspiring play.
  12. Armia got a bad penalty, 4 minutes for high sticking.
  13. I doubt that DD will make that move yet, but maybe he will tell both goalies they are in a strict platoon / rotate in then out regardless of the opponent. That will give Price *lots* of rest.
  14. Until the so-called Department of Player Safety clears house and pink slips all of them, we won't see any improvements. Especially two former NHL players, George Parros ( https://violentgentlemen.com ; oh the irony). Chris Pronger was one of the dirtiest players in the NHL when he played, yet he's qualified to make suspension calls against other dirty plays?! As Tony Marinaro would say, "is this a joke?!"..
  15. Hey everyone! With the big coaching news from the Habs this week, the Habsworld crew came back online to record episode 74. We welcomed new co-host Josh Coulter to the group, who joined in some interesting debates and discussions about our team. Feel free to give us feedback here, through iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Podomatic, or any of the podcast providers you follow. https://www.habsworld.net/2021/02/habsworld-podcast-episode-74/
  16. Kulak looked *terrible* on that Senators goal. He left his position on that 2 on 2 to go over to Romanov's player, then that Senator passed the puck over to the open man in front who scored! I am starting to think Kulak is regressing back to the player who made all of those mental mistakes during his second season with Montreal.
  17. Episode 73 is now online, and we hope you all will give it a listen. I have changed to a different podcast recorder and I believe the audio quality is much improved. HabsWorld Podcast – Episode 73 – HabsWorld.net
  18. Wow, that was a hard earned two points. Nice to see the team rebound in the third period.
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