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  1. Toffoli ! Finally breaks the team scoring curse.
  2. After 5 straight periods without a goal, will Julien put the forward lines in a blender?
  3. Agreed, especially that last part. After that, I would swap Danault for Evans.
  4. I wonder if Bergevin could swing a Philip Danault for Sammy Blais type of trade. It may take a little more to get Blais. The Blues have two injured centers [Robert Thomas & Tyler Bozak] along with Thomas Alexander Steen on the LTI.
  5. Danault looked bad on that goal against. Ugh.
  6. I am not sure, but it may be performance based.
  7. Hi everyone I am a little late to announce this, but the newest Habsworld podcast is published up on the website as of late Friday. Episode 72 has a number of recent topics discussed about the Habs and the NHL, so I encourage you to give it a listen. https://www.habsworld.net/2021/01/habsworld-podcast-episode-72/
  8. I enjoyed watching both of those goals. The first one was a beauty one timer from his off wing. The backhander was really nice too. I believe his skating is fine. The Mckeen's draft guide when discussing Cole's skating said "He has a very fast top speed and an explosive first few steps."
  9. Hi Tom. Thanks for pointing this out. We are looking into this issue.
  10. I thought I had read, that Churla had the same title in Montreal as he does now in Florida? If so then he may have made a lateral move for different reasons, such as salary or more responsibilities. It's always difficult for us to gauge which person deserves credit when it comes to drafting players.
  11. I think I heard Kaiden's last name pronounced like "ghoul". If correct, that is awesome.
  12. I won't be totally surprised if that happens. Especially if Lapierre is not drafted in the 1st round.
  13. It's not a bad pick; it's a safe pick. I thought they may have gambled on someone who has more upside.
  14. Now on to the best time of the draft. Habs up next!
  15. I agree with the Carolina prediction.
  16. Top 3 picks are in. No surprises. On to Detroit, the team that got the shaft to draft down to #4.
  17. On the Sportsnet feed, I like how they show the 5 minute "on the clock" countdown timer.
  18. BPA is a simple mantra, but not based on logic. Let's say you were drafting 16th, you had 2 excellent centers in the pros, and 3 more good centers in junior/college/AHL, and the BPA was a center, do you draft him? No way.
  19. No way. There's no need, and the Habs have sufficient depth in goal. This is supposed to be one of the deepest drafts in over a decade, and it's not the time to make that selection.
  20. Sure thing. Let's hope the NHL can get the first round done in less than 3 hours too.
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