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  1. Well its a different take on comic book people, that's a draw for me. Although comic book movies have been moving in that direction, isolation of the hero, like he's doing a job that he despises wishing he was something different, uses his 'emo' for something else.
  2. Really? Its good? I tried watching the first one.
  3. Wasn't hijacking, just got the two confused. sorry
  4. Whatever that guy is a psychopath with his village in Florida which I believe is illegal.
  5. One question, why change the team up? Nothing is wrong with this team. Yeah there's some holes, but no team is solid.
  6. It did? Damn, well that sucks. Maybe in England he could find a spare. lol
  7. countdown to the return of Stealth, 9 days.
  8. RIP TIGERS STADIUM It died today 1912-2008 damn you crazy dominoes guy!
  9. St. Louis is like that in the media, if somebody is shot its always 'North County' or 'North City' or East St. Louis (when they could be talking about outlying areas) denoting race usually. Although I swear nobody lives in North St. Louis anymore. Its so bad, its good. LOL
  10. But how is it creepy? Everybody would know that's de Gaulle as the shadow. The hat, The hat. lol the hat, big ears and giant huge enormous nose. lol Here's another anti-Guallist poster again big nose, hat and ears
  11. Cool. Okay, Kafka goes bye bye. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_1968 Modern Version as Sarkozy as the guy in the shadow. http://www.crearea.fr/images/jeune68-1%20copie.jpg
  12. I have no idea, me thinks the oppressive Gaullists are out to get me.. *starts singing The Internationale and Peat Bog Soldiers*
  13. No of course not. People got scared of the big scary man in a Charles de Gaulle outfit.
  14. It went missing, people don't know their French history...
  15. How could one get confused. one label says BUTTER the other doesn't say BUTTER. duh.
  16. wow didn't know a famous Charles De Gaulle poster from Mai '68 was so 'wrong'. De Gualle represents oppression. Come on people know your history, the top hat is a dead giveaway.
  17. http://www.reportonbusiness.com/servlet/st...y/Business/home I couldn't be more ecstatic. Good for Canadians and good for Americans flying into Canada.
  18. Abbotsford in the cross hairs... The cows revenge.
  19. Uhm did you not watch PTI, Around the Horn, Jim Rome, Sportscenter. They all said the same thing over and over again. Americans aren't interested because Americans aren't in it. Another great example, my local station cut the match at the 5th set to go to a baseball game. No apology and then said, 'well nobody was watching anyway'.
  20. It's got a huge history that goes beyond just baseball. It was the home of the football Giants for 20 years, numerous famous NCAA football games, then boxing, Joe Lewis haunts that place just as much as Ruth.
  21. There's no history of hockey at Yankee Stadium and they're pricklers for 'history' at a place I don't think is that great as a venue. And Hank is insane anyway, so when the new place is finished, doubt they'd let them do it as well.
  22. Hilarious: http://www.idontlikeyouinthatway.com/pictu...0beach%205.html
  23. Nadal played an awesome game, but come on people Federer had 52 unforced errors. All those base lines that were uncharacteristically wide. Either he's in a funk, which is what I think it is. Or he's the Bjorn Borg of our generation and is so great, he's just spent. I think its more of A and not B here. Federer still hasn't won the French and the only person who can most likely beat Nadal on clay is Federer. Golf wishes it had a rivalry like this in Tennis. Then again Americans still won't watch, because of xenophobia and jinogism. Its got to be an American at number 1 for Americans to care. Yeah Americans all remember Borg because we had Connors and Mac, Americans cannot defend my train of thought here, its the truth. If Tiger Woods was Canadian, French or Swedish, we wouldn't give a shit. Also, its not a black-white issue, as my dad thinks Tennis needs a Tiger Woods for Americans (he doesn't know about James Blake). If this were the case, everyone in the U.S. would be going nuts over Lewis Hamilton, but nobody cares because he's British. This is the sad truth its pathetic. Oh we all became Tour de France fans when Lance was winning, now who cares? Nobody. We fickle band of nationalists, only rooting if they were born in the U.S., yet we wonder why the world thinks we're so narrow minded. Its our culture I guess. Our culture of narrow minded thinking, the culture of Me and the culture of America first.
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