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  1. Well I haven't been posting much wanted to see how the season played out. But remember the season production earlier.... Looks like I hit it bang on because this is what I said. and everyone ripped me for saying this. I think Florida has made some nice improvements and will finish higher than us. We have the same team as last year. So we finish 6th in the division. 13 or 14 in the conference. That could all change if Bergevin gets off his ass and trades for a puck moving defensemen.
  2. We got 2 NHL d on this team Weber and Petry. Everyone else should be in the AHL, yes even Mete. He isn't a #1 LD in the NHL and shouldn't be playing as one. He should be developing in the AHL.
  3. Wait I thought our D was improved this year because of experience under their belt🤔. That’s what I was told earlier when I said its the same bad D from last year. Oh and what happen to everyone's favorite red button?
  4. Are you serious????? It has been said multiple times that Tatar was a throw int, to even out the cap for Las Vegas. Maybe you should look up your points . Also their has been interviews in which he said that teams where asking for top prospects on Montreal in any trades for their top players. Bergevin didn't want to pay the price. All I am trying to say and the whole point of this trend is if you want to not trade your top prospects to get top players that could help you win now...... Why string Price and Weber along on this rebuild. They're getting old let them go try and win a cup now well they're still good enough to be top players in this league. If we're going to wait on development of our young players we're not wining anything anytime soon.
  5. Sergachev was our top offensive Defensemen in our prospect pool at the time, so yeah he was a top prospect.
  6. Wow just wow. I beat you you were one of those people that didn't like the Galchenyuk trade. I didn't like it base on the fact he gave up one problem for the same problem and didn't address anything in that trade. But it turned out in his favor, but don't go on saying he knew what he was doing. He got lucky. The Tatar trade he just wanted Suzuki. So again didn't go out and say he knew what he was doing when he took Tatar. And again since people don't seem to understand last time he traded a top prospect it was for Drouin. We all know how he got eaten alive for that trade and He hasn't been willing to trade a top prospect since.
  7. Its not being afraid to make a trade, its being afraid to make a trade for a top player because he doesn't want to give up top prospects to get those type of players. Oh and as good as Domi has been he got lucky on that trade. Also Tatar was a throw in he didn't even want him so don't give him full credit on that.
  8. Yeah but is he willing to move a prospect with that pick to get a deal done? I don't think so, which is why we haven't seen any trades.
  9. Abusing the downvote system you say I was at 50 and in less then a week I went down to 13 just because I talk bad about Bergevin
  10. Problem with this D is the same as last years D and the year before that. 1) cant box out the front of the net 2) hard time clearing the zone 3) can't set up the PP 4)they give up way too much 2 on 1 and break a ways. Outside of Weber and Petry they don't produce points. We don't get enough production from our D. Also nit deep enough if we get injuries there. Mete still needs more development but isn't a top pairing guy more of a 4-6 kind of guy right now but needs more time.
  11. I know been a fan since 89 but if I see something bad i call it and say something. I don't see this team getting into the playoffs with this D.
  12. You trying to be a rebel in these forums like me and call it like you see it.
  13. If you trade Price and Weber, your veteran leaders in the locker room would be guys like Gallagher, Byron, Petry, Domi, Danault . When we made our last locker culture change the young guys took over Pacioretty, Price, PK we only kept Plekenec and Markov.
  14. Let me as you something, do you think Bergevin on any other team with his track record would of been fired by now? Also if we had a none French gm would they be getting as much as a pass as Bergevin gets?
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