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  1. Remember when we traded the older leadership in the room so our young guys ie Pacioretty, Price, PK. Could be the new core of the organization. They had no cups or gold medals as pros but we got rid of guys like gionta and Gomez and let the young guys become leader's on this team.
  2. ok so you can honestly sit their and say to yourself that over the last 7 years of this ownership/management team they have done everything they could to make a serious run at the cup? Because I can't and I will not, they haven't shown me anything. Just a lot of band aid type trades and moves to keep the media and fans quite.
  3. Our prospects pool has been 10x better over the last 3 years once Bergevin change his concept that the old way was still relevant in today's new NHL. Now he's drafting for speed and skill rather than grit and size. I will give him credit for that. But his been here 7 years now along with Molson and other than the first year where he traded for Vanek at the trade deadline, I have get no indication that this organization is serious about making a Stanley cup run. Trades made have been head shaker's, the Domi and Pacioretty trade worked out in his favor but when made, made no sense. Only UFA brought in that worked out was Radulov. To me it's time for change.
  4. Price and Weber have been teaching guys like Gallagher, Mete, Petry , Danault, Domi , Tatar, Drouin ,Lehkonen and Kotkaniemi already and these would be the new leadership in the room for the younger guys like Suzuki, Caufeild and poehling once you trade Weber and Price.
  5. My thing with management is this, If you want to go the young way and keep your picks and prospects and not go all out for top UFA's, or make trades to help the team at the deadline ........ Then why hold on to Price and Weber? Do them a favor and trade them to a team that's committed to wining now. If you do that you can still get top end value for them now. Then make your run in 3 years when our top prospects are ready. Right now their living on false hope that all we need is Price to get a shootout every night and we have a chance. They think they don't need to put a competitive team in front of Price because Price will be the difference. Well this way of thinking has lead us to being a average team at best and missing the playoffs 4 out of 7 years. At what point in 6 years has this management lead us to believe that they were going to do what it takes to win the cup now? Over the last 2 years we have had the draft picks, the prospects and the cap space to pull off trades to go on a run. But guess what they have done nothing. This is what drives me crazy.
  6. Hi not sure why their isn't anyway to delete your own account but please delete my account.
  7. If he could of got a 5th for him i think he would of been traded by now.
  8. The trading of a over priced guy hoping he just needs change to get going. By that I mean Lucic. Neal seems like a good gamble putting next to Mcdavid.
  9. Wow trade today between Edmonton and Calgary To Flames? Lucic To Edmonton Neal Thank god Bergevin wasn't in on this, it sounds like one of his type of trade's.
  10. Not sure why he would considering he asked for a trade and wanted out. Guess its a one year prove yourself kind of deal.
  11. Why can't we just bring home Larry back to the fold instead? Seems like where ever he goes his teams make it to the finals.
  12. They lost a lot of D so I would imagine they would want one back in a trade, plus a someone that scores back also. Tatar + Juulsen or Mete + 1st round pick Maybe that might get it done. But I don't see us being a good fit for a trade because we're weak at D. But I can see a team Like Philadelphia pulling off a trade for him. They got the parts that jets might be looking for back in a trade.
  13. I don't see the habs doing any cap helper type trades. They have Domi they need to resign next year and Kotkaniemi the year after. Their keeping the cap space free for those contracts. It seems to me that they are looking into the future more then they are into the now. If this is the case with the organization then we should just trade Price and Weber now well we can still get a high return back for them. Let them try and win a cup in a organization that's making a push for a cup run. Their are teams that would pay a high price now to add a Weber or Price to their teams cup push, Rather than just have them waste anyway knowing that their not commented to making a cup run anytime soon.
  14. Forget about Marner, he plays for his home town team. He doesn't want to go anywhere so he won't be signing any offer sheet. He's going to stay in Toronto long term.
  15. I have noticed that people don't use the vote and downvote the way they should be used. I just think it would be better if we didn't have them. You can make a good point or argument in a post and your post won't get a vote, but as soon as you say something bad toward team management you will get so many downvote's even though your making a very good point or argument in the post on the topic. Just seems like you can't say anything bad or that's wrong with the team in these forums. I thought that's the point of these forums is to have a place for fans to voice their opinions good or bad. So i am just asking do we need the vote system ??
  16. Richard welcome to the forum. One thing you should know is in here god forbidden you talk bad about management you will end up getting down votes all the time. It's kind of like beetle juice, but instead of saying beetle juice 3 times you can't say bad things about management 3 Times., because then the down voters come out. Just giving you a heads up?
  17. No I am just saying that those guys are gone from last years team, No new guys on this year's team. Shaw I agree will be missed unless a young guy steps up . But the main point is no up grande were done, then you see a team like PHX who never spends make up grandes and spend. Just gets me frustrated because i want to see this team win and do good get that feeling back when I got to see this team win the cup in 86' and 93'. But year after year frustration gets deeper and deeper.
  18. So we pretty much have the same team as last year - Shaw and Niemi. You know it's Going to be a long season when you see that PHX spend more cap money then we did.
  19. Maybe someone tipped Bergevin off that a offer sheet was coming their way lol ?
  20. I am just trying to tell you that Puljujarvi isn't as bad as you make him out to be. Also I don't think Puljujarvi hasn't been traded yet not because he isn't good, but i think Edmonton doesn't want to give up on him because of his potential to be a top 6 player. I think Edmonton is hoping that like you said he goes over to Europe and Edmonton has a good year he changes his mind and stays.
  21. Other teams are saying the same thing about Hundon. He's not worth more then a 5th or 6th round pick to other teams . In the eyes of edmonton Puljujarvi is a potential top 6 player and their just not going to give him away like some of you think.
  22. If Hundon is so good how come he can't crack our line up as a full timer and can't play center for a organization that at a time needed one?
  23. You'll be lucky if you get a 3rd for Hundon. You actually think that edmonton would give up a 4th overall pick in Puljujarvi for him? He has the potential to be a top 6 player, someone who could be on your top line or 2nd line. And Hundon is a 3rd or 4th line center at best in the NHL. Hundon and a 2nd or 3rd would not get you Puljujarvi considering they don't need a center. I mean if Bergevin wanted to take a chance and send a offer sheet to anyone it should of been Puljujarvi and not Aho. Not sure what a offer sheet would look like in terms of numbers for Puljujarvi. I know Hundon wants out but you need to be realistic on who Hundon is in the NHL.
  24. Oh wow only 2 down votes on that I was expecting to set a record with having the most disagree on one post.
  25. Does this make Bergevin look weak to the rest of the GM's? The way he got played?
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