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  1. Looks like we may finally have a forth line.
  2. FYI----vrbata career playoff points--42 games 18 points. High in goals 2. Just to add fual to the fire? Pacioretty playoff points----38 games 19 points. High in goals 5. Plekenec playoff points---87 games 49 points.
  3. And then there was one..... I do believe that makes Benn the only member left from the trade deadline.
  4. Once again its playoffs we are talking about not Reg season. What has max or plek done in playoffs for us over the last 7 years??? Max played for team USA and did nothing for them. Is it still because of lack of talent as you say??? Price plays like a wall with less talent around him but when you put more talent around him like team Canada he becomes a wall. Its not always about talent. But how hard you want to compete. Come playoffs we just have to many players that don't compete.
  5. Reg season is one thing, where are these forwards come playoffs??????? Our team is an easy team to put a game plan together for a 7 game series. There's a reason why this team gets shutdown in the playoffs.
  6. I keep thinking of that battle taraves had with couturier last week. When I look at what the habs need , I think its more of that never quite mentality. No one other than Gallagher battles that hard for the puck. Some of the guys on this team you just touch them and they turn the puck over.
  7. True but here is a question for you.... Is it our core group that just isn't good enough and needs to go??? Or is it the fact that our centers are to soft and easy to put a game plan together for a 7 game series?
  8. I don’t get why MB always adds lost of depth on D but never adds any upfront? When we get injuries to key players we become a AHL team.
  9. Thank you for the welcome I Wouldn’t say elite players, most of the time it’s 4th or 3rd line players who step it up in the playoffs and score big goals. for what ever reason it is we just can’t seem to buy a goal once playoffs come around.
  10. What we need are players that take there game to the next level once playoffs start.
  11. In today’s nhl those contracts can be tradable. If a team is trying to reach the floor minimum they can take a contact like that on. The thing that makes trading difficult is the no movement claws that get handed out like it’s candy. They should do something to fix that.
  12. I still say Kostitsyn, only because of who we past up in the draft to pick him . Man oh man did the organization drop the ball drafting that year in 2003.
  13. I was a big fan of Moore, though we should of kept him and not let him walk.
  14. What’s been going on here in Montreal is once our core group of players became our core group of players we stopped drafting and developing players. We are now seeing the results of that mistake. We have a very depleted farm system. There’s players on this team we probably should of traded 3 years ago but didn’t do to the fact we had no one that could replace them. So now we are just over paying them. MB finds it hard to make trades because he is holding on to this core group of players and doesn’t want to trade any of them , as a result we don’t have the prospects to pull off a trade for a top 6 player. This is why drafting and development of players is so important.
  15. Hi all whats up long time reader habs fan since 86’ thought I would sign up and start posting. for me would have to be the Kostitsyn brothers.
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