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  1. Ok so 4 1st round picks we would be giving up. If management is serious about making a run at the cup then for the next for years those picks would be from 25-31 no one at that pick would turn out to be as good as Aho. So giving up the picks shouldn't be a problem.
  2. Johansson is on his was to buffalo. Good pick up. Was hoping the habs would of picked him up for the 2nd line left wing. I think he would of looked great playing beside Domi.
  3. No it would be 2 1st, 2nd and 3rd at 9.5mi. I believe over 10mil would be 4
  4. If you're going to do a offer sheet you're going to have to over pay for that player to get the team not to match. In the Aho case Carolina match because it was worth it to them. 1 1st, 1 2nd , and 1 3rd draft pick is clearly north worth losing Aho. You could get more in a trade for him. I think if Montreal went 9.5mil *7 and front loaded the first 3 years ,Carolina would of never matched it and Aho would be a Hab right now.
  5. We say this always with these types of move's Bergevin make's , but nothing else ever follow's. So don't hold your breath on this being any different.
  6. Personality I think Aho's agent played Bergevin real bad. Aho's agent wanted a 5 year deal so his client can hit UFA status at a good age, Carolina didn't want that which was why they couldn't come to an agreement. So his agent was smart and used the offer sheet to get a great deal for Aho.
  7. Don't forget the end of year line nothing wrong with the roster......its in between their heads.
  8. I would offer up a 1st, 2nd and Byron and a prospect. Dont care at this point i just want this management to show that they're going to try and make a run in the playoffs for a cup. They haven't shown that since Bergevin made the trade for vanek at the deadline his first year here.
  9. No trade what you have to, to get gostisbehere.
  10. Looking at the past 6 years and the last 2 years with cap space yeah this is it.
  11. 7 years at 7mil for a guy who could have a back problem seems over payment. If we're going to over pay i would rather do it in a trade for gostisbehere.
  12. How did my post get a negative? You people that are fans of Bergevin need to stop giving negative mark's to people's post for no reason.
  13. Actually what Bergevin just did with that offer sheet is help these young top RFA's get to be a UFA at a great age, something GM's didn't want to happen. Gm's were trying to sign their RFA's past 5 years so they can't hit UFA from age's 25-27. But their agent's were pushing for 5 year terms. I think Bergevin got fished into it by Aho's agent which was very clever on the agent's part.
  14. So 6 years of Bergevin and he has yet been able to add a top forward through free agency. Correct me if I am wrong but he has only added Alzner to a over priced and over term contract in which he is regretting now, He does nothing at the deadline, nothing in free agency. For 2 years he has had the cap space, the draft picks and the prospects to pull off a major trade yet he doesn't. He lives behind the concept that we have Price and him alone will win us a cup. What we're doing is just wasting Price and Weber's good years that they have left. At this point with the young guys that we got coming up we should just call this a full rebuild and trade Price and Weber now that we can still get a boat load back for them. We're not going to win a cup by just sitting back and adding 4th line players. Either for once go all in and get the player we need or don't bother, but don't half ass it like he just did with the Aho offer sheet. Your telling me a extra 900k and a extra 1st is going to fare. If we are serious about making a run those picks will mean nothing because they wont turn out to be as good as Aho. I have tried to like Bergevin as GM, I really have. He's done a better job drafting players for today's NHL, his even made 2 really good trades that got us Domi , Tatar and Suzuki. But other than that really what has he done in 6 years here? I am trying really hard here I am, but I am at my tipping point with him.
  15. Really the way the guys at ts were talking they thought he could be a good pick up.
  16. If you want to talk sneaky good pick up LD Hutton. He could be a get addition.
  17. Not really we had contending teams before and players still didn't come or stay, Vanek walked and radulov both left when we had good teams
  18. Bergevin hasn't done anything in free agency since he has been here, he has only signed Alzner to a over priced over term contract. This team is built through the draft and trades. So you can't say that we don't draft good, over the last 2 years since Bergevin realized the way of the new NHL we have been drafting players that fit it. You will start to see the results of it in 3-4 years from now. The problem is we're wasting Price's prime and what's left in the tank of Weber. We need to figure out why it is that big name players in the prime of their careers don't want to sign here. Then we need to fix it.
  19. He is going to do the something with the 12mil that he did with the 9mil over the last 2 years nothing. Honestly I think Bergevin knew they were going to match it which is why he didn't want to go the extra draft pick. I mean what's an extra pick and 900k? He wanted Duchene and lost out and Aho was just to keep the fans and media quite when he didn't sign any big name free agent's. I think clearing more cap space was so we can resign Domi and Kotkaniemi.
  20. New idea can we make and wear bunch of jerks shirt? for them matching ?
  21. So what's the over/under on us getting booed first game we play in Carolina ?
  22. Yeah he knew they would match and now his client will hit free agency at a great age something hurricanes didn't want to happen.
  23. Just offer them danault and a 1st not to match it.
  24. If they wanted to do a side deal I would think Danault and A extra 2nd would get it done. So then the deal would be To habs Aho To Carolina Danault, 1st, 2 2nd round picks and a 3rd round pick I think that gets it done, we don't need Danault as we get Aho and Danault becomes Carolina's replacement center for losing Aho. That would also give us more cap space to go out a get a LD.
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