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  1. Could now be a good time to target Gostisbehere?
  2. Chiarot, you mean. Jk, I actually like Chiarot. Folin is mean, but you're right. The shuffle of bottom pair D, is a tiring trend from last year.
  3. I didn't even think Tinordi was still around
  4. If they don't make the playoffs this year ( 4 of the last 5 year) , and Bergevin keeps his job, I'm done with being a die hard Habs fan. I need a new direction to cheer for. Some people seem to be quite "OK" with mediocrity, but I'm done falling for the whole "next year we'll be better" routine.
  5. Bernier, is not even a starter in the nhl (on a quality team, anyways) . The last 5 shots Montreal took on him, were literally right in the chest. I know it sounds ridiculous, being this early in the season, but Montreal can't afford to give away points to non-playoff teams. Nights off won't cut it, for a meat and potatoes type of team, like Montreal. These points will make a difference at the end of the season.
  6. I don't know if he's hurt, or what, but he's not even involved
  7. Have they led in a game this year? I just don't find them entertaining to watch.
  8. Max Domi has now recorded 10 points (5 G, 5 A) in his last 5 games vs the Red Wings
  9. Playing shit? I just turned the game on
  10. Laval is the best place for Suzuki right now... IMO
  11. Suzuki has been asked about his intensity before, he doesnt bring it. That's something you cant teach... He's almost too nonchalant.
  12. Kinkaid has looked solid in the 3rd. Just make it to OT
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