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  1. I highly doubt Drouin gets dealt( before the season starts anyways) , but that's basically the starting roster, why would Drouin be sitting? Thompson is sitting for Poehling. Lehkonen or Armia could have easily sat for Drouin. Lehkonen isn't even a top 6 player, yet he plays over Drouin in that role?
  2. I almost felt like when Subban got traded from Nashville, it opened up the door a bit. The whole P. R shit took a back seat, to bettering the team. https://post.futurimedia.com/chumam/playlist/87/listen-17420.html?cb=1569534084.403170
  3. A g.m will publicly say a certain player IS NOT on the market, to completely squash a rumour. That never came out of his mouth, did it? Bergevin can't look like a liar at this point, with all of the opener door stuff going on with this franchise. With the emergence of Suzuki and Poehling, I'd almost guarantee that Bergevin has spoken with people about a Drouin trade for a D-man
  4. How did he squash the rumour? Nowhere in that did he definitively say "weren't not shopping Drouin". He just deflected the question.
  5. Take it for what it is, but Drouin's name is scattered everywhere in trade rumours. Even Bergevin said they need more from him. I would honestly like to see him start the year with the Habs. He does have a ton of talent...
  6. This is a shit game to watch Folin can't be an option on the right, at this point
  7. I'll never write a player off at 24, but I'd like to see more. There's mad potential there, so maybe he's puts it all together, I think not though
  8. Struble could be an interesting prospects. The Kid is a "man", already
  9. You seem to be forgetting the fact that Drouin was traded for a top 4, LEFT HANDED, blue chip prospect. That's why he's held to a higher standard. A mobile, lefty D is what this team is desperately in need of. Drouin was solid to start last season, but when it hit crunch time, Drouin "played dead" , with 6 goals(16 points) in the final 30 games... Drouin struggled at five-on-five quite a bit last season. His points per hour rate of 1.85 was the second-lowest among Canadiens forwards with at least 500 minutes. I could post facts for days on here, yet you'd still shit on my posts, to defend your point.
  10. Evans is solid. It'd be nice to see him in a bottom 6 role.
  11. Good post. Suzuki is an interesting player, for sure
  12. No, but that power play reminded me of last year.
  13. This team needs to figure out their power play. Armia needs to be nowhere near it, when the season starts
  14. I like Varone, but you guys were right, he's AHL bound.
  15. He was definetly dazed after that hit. I wondered if something was up, but he looked solid when he came back. Concussions are a scary thing.
  16. Not to rain on an excellent game, but Byron has reverted back to his days with the Flames; constatly injuried.
  17. That was a great game. That was a filthy goal by Suzuki
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