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  1. He's been gifted picks. The prospect pool is better because this team hasn't made the playoffs 3 out of the last 4 years. I mean, is it that hard to see. This g.m couldn't put the missing pieces together when he had a core of Price, Pacioretty, Subban, Galchenyuk, Radulov, and prized prospect in Serachev... No faith here. The same people that love Bergevin, are the same ones that loved Therrien. How did that play out...
  2. The GM needs to be best candidate, not just the best French candidate. Politics needs to take a back seat, at some point.
  3. Along with many other things, there is a lot of luck that follows success. Or vice virsa
  4. I can almost guarantee right wing is not a priority for Bergevin, nor should it be.
  5. This forum actually really surprises me with the support of Bergevin. 3 of the last 4 season, no playoffs, yet still we hope for the best. Hard to knock optimism, but is it false...
  6. Not signing Radulov was a terrible decision too. He was a driving force on this team's offense and literally the only forward to show up in the playoffs. Bergevin let a top line winger walk because of a million dollar difference in Radulov's salary
  7. I'm not defending a Markov signing, but he had one of the best sticks in hockey, when it came to making defense plays. I guarantee he can still play the game.
  8. I get that kinkaid isn't a #1, but I didn't realize how shit his numbers were last year
  9. A guy who's really flying under the radar is Ikonen. Be nice to see him in North America at the end of this coming season.
  10. I'm pretty negative and even I try to avoid his columns
  11. I love the pool they have, but it's unrealistic to think they're all going to become impact players
  12. It's negative, but it's not like he's making things up
  13. Tick tock I've heard the same shit before; when Subban and Pacioretty were entering their primes, Galchenyuk was a "blooming star" and we just "had to wait a few years for players to evolve" ... How did that work out?
  14. Kelly had a good article in the gazette(I know he's biased), but he had commented on how having Price and Weber is becoming more and more irrelevant. Subban should have been traded for younger talent. The team wasn't/ isn't in a position to acquire a player of Weber's age. He's a great player, the timelines just make no sense. This g.m just cannot pull the trigger on a trade that helps the team, without sacarafising the core. He's never traded a first round pick, in his entire tenure in Montreal At this point Bergevin should be throwing what ever Vegas wants at Gusev( which sounded like a second and a prospect). Gusev may just be the x-factor, that finally helps this team's powerplay get rolling. Which let's not forget, was a big reason why Montreal didn't sneak into the playoffs. It really feels like this team is witholding even more picks this year, because the draft is held in Montreal, next June.
  15. You get the gist of the translation. Anyways, at the end of the day, we're both Habs fans. Not worth the argument. Cheers
  16. Dude, what are you talking about. I read the French site, before I read it on the Sportsnet website. Why do you care, honestly.... Well I know why you care, it's because the podcast goes against what you believe, so you're just trying to find any dig you can.
  17. Exactly. People seem to forget how young this kid is
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