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  1. I apologize for the gargantuan post. It's translated from French.
  2. Was Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin fully committed to submitting a hostile bid to Sebastian Aho? The journalist Elliotte Friedman had this reflection when he saw the point of the press following the announcement of July 1. "If you look at Bergevin's speeches in recent years when things were more difficult for the CH, you notice that he's really getting engaged when he has to defend the organization and his own decisions," Friedman said in a statement. last episode of the podcast "31 Thoughts". The Sportsnet informant did not feel the same when Bergevin responded to media questions about Aho. "He was not like that. He was not as emotional as usual and it makes me wonder if he really thought it was the best idea [the hostile offer], "said Friedman, taking good care of specify that he is not a professional psychologist. The Senators Lesson According to several experts, and even the CEO of the Carolina Hurricanes, Bergevin's attempt was not as aggressive as one would expect from a hostile bid.We will remember for a long time the monstrous contract that Shea Weber signed with the Philadelphia Flyers at the time (14 years, $ 110 million). "I just felt that his heart was not entirely there," said Friedman. And that is why Canadians do not go to the choice of four 1 st round or second level in the scale of compensation. "In the end, even if he got the player, I think he was worried about compensation. There is so much parity in the NHL today. "Did the Senators think they would be in their current position when they acquired Matt Duchene after playing the seventh game in the Eastern Final? Not chance. And I think it terrifies people. "
  3. Why would this team trade Mete. He's just coming into his own and is a prototypical D-man, in today's game. You can't subtract from a position that's already a weakness.
  4. Well, the offer he made for Aho seems to be following that trend. I don't like Bergevin, but I do understand where he's coming from with not wanting to give up four, first rounders. Chevy and Bergevin are also buddies, so even more unlikely for Laine.
  5. Injuries are the biggest issues with both When shaw and Pateryn collided a couple of years ago, I really thought Shaw might be done.
  6. There is zero chance that Bergevin sends another offer sheet. In an interview with Engles, Bergevin said giving up that many picks completely goes against his philosophy
  7. Ferland is a tough guy to peg. Doesn't seem like a bad signing though
  8. You're an intelligent poster man. I'm just saying I don't think it's necessary to constantly down vote people because you don't agree with them; not because their post has no value.
  9. Keep clicking the negative/ down vote icon on all the posts that have value, but you just don't like. That's way better than - Habs Retired, voicing his opinion
  10. I think if they miss the playoffs this year, there needs to be some serious consideration into moving Weber
  11. I'm so confused how people support that offer on here. The Hurricane's owner is worth 1.1 billion dollars. He has the kind of funds to pay up for his 21 year old, franchise centre. He gained nothing by not resigning him. Beating a dead horse. I'll move on
  12. Frustrating player, but 5.5 is a good contract
  13. I'm not saying that they can't make a trade, I'm saying they missed an opportunity to get a player for money; while not affecting the roster or prospect pool.
  14. I just don't like the fact that Shaw was dealt(I liked the trade), but no one replaces his scoring below the goal line.
  15. How is Anders Lee Crap?28 goals last season, 40 the year before, and 34 the year prior to that. 16 power play points last year(10 goals). Yea, the guy is a bum.
  16. As far as UFA forwards go, there was no plan B. Now, it's going to picks and roster players being moved. Addition by subtraction. Not just simply a money transaction.
  17. Oh, OK. Well thanks for explaining.
  18. They have 8 million in cap space.
  19. Armia gets 2.8 million Lehkonen 2.2 million? Thats being modest and the cap space slowly starts to evaporate.
  20. Why did this guy get a 2 million dollar raise from last year. He's jordie Benn. I want so badly to be positive, but I just cannot do it. This constant patch work on this D-Corp is a joke. This signing is basically a guarantee that Gardiner won't be signing here.
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