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  1. I think Duchene would be a mistake signing. To me, he's more of a 65 point player. That's not worth 8 or 9 million per.
  2. Yup, good points Drouin was a big disappointment down the stretch
  3. I honestly think if Montreal had a legit backup down the stretch, they would have made the playoffs. Not that they would have went deep anyways, but still
  4. Shaw had a career year, buts he's a guy I'd like to see get moved. I read a bit about buying Alzner out. That stuff is a bit over my head, but it sounded like this year was the best option for cap savings.
  5. I honestly think Karlsson will be wearing a Habs jersey, come October. The Atlantic has so much star power, if the Habs have any shot at playoff contention, they need some game breakers. If the rumors are true and Karlsson's wife wants to be close to home, then I would almost guarantee he will take a "home town" discount. 9.5 is a very likely number. Give us a guy, Bergy. This team needs a legit game changer, on the back end.
  6. This is about Karlsson. His wife is apparently home sick from Ottawa. "While the two-time Norris Trophy winner is expected to be the most coveted free agent available when the market opens on July 1, a well-connected source says that he hopes to receive competitive offers from two teams in particular — the Senators and the Montreal Canadiens"
  7. Karlsson, Kovalev, Radulov.... I mean the talent is definetly there at 15.
  8. The East is solid these days. If Florida gets Bobrovsky and Panarin, the Atlantic is an absolute power house. Not good news for the Habs.... Unless we can pry Huberdeau from Florida, because of cap.
  9. Habs first rounder should be in play. If Price and Weber weren't on this team, it would be a different story.
  10. I've been around, but thanks DON The issue with Gardiner is that this is his last big pay day. He's probably looking for a 7x7 contract.
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