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  1. I would try and offer them our 1st (lottery protected) along with Evans for Pageau. That would clear the cap space NYI need. Then we don't match the offer sheet to Kotkaniemi.
  2. No I Ment before matching I know if he match you can't trade for a year. But I Ment during the 7 day period that they get.
  3. I agree, I got a question can you trade a RFA if they've signed a offer sheet? Or are your only option to match or take the picks? Because if you can trade him I would imagine Bergevin is taking this time to looking to see if he can get more for Kotkaniemi in a trade than just a 1st and 3rd round pick.
  4. Wonder if they're willing to give up Pageau
  5. Like I had said chiarot contract ends this year which means he's off the books. Armia is 1mil cheaper then Dvorak. So by taking Armia they're saving 1mil a year. Evans a RFA after this year too. We can't trade for dvorak without giving up salary. So PHX helps us out this year and by taking on 2 expiring contacts that they can trade at deadline and get draft picks for they help themselves out next year by saving money.
  6. Chiarot contract ends after this year and Armia is 1.5mil cheaper than Dvorak. Evans also. Dahlin at 6mil is an over payment right now just like Kotkaniemi at 6mil is an over payment. I don't think buffalo wants Dahlin at 6mil other wise he would be signed right now and not still a UFA.
  7. by 6mil I mean per year 30mil total. And with PHX not having a home next year NHL is going to cut payroll. That trade saves them money. You can throw in a draft pick if it makes you happy 😂
  8. How to fix this.... Let Kotkaniemi go Offer Dahlin a 5 year 6mil offer sheet Then you trade Evans, Chiarot, Armia to PHX for Dvorak PHX would be saving 1.5mil in this deal. Team would then look like this next year Hoffman / Suzuki / Caufeild Toffoli / Dvorak / Anderson Drouin / Poehling / Gallagher Lehkonen / Paquette / Perrault Dahlin / Petry Edmondson / Savard Romanov / Kulak Price Allen
  9. Much like it did with Subban. Kotkaniemi is galchenyuk 2.0. When I say that what I mean is how we handle Kotkaniemi development is the same as galchenyuk. We dropped the ball on both of them.
  10. I would rather take the picks than do that. His trade value would go way down.
  11. I see Poehling more 2nd line center and Evans 3rd line center. That's if Kotkaniemi leaves. If we don't match and get a 1st and 3rd that gives us extra picks to send an offer sheet to someone else. Some key names are... Dahlin Tkachuk Pettersson Hughes I wonder if buffalo would match Dahlin at 6mil Or if Vancouver would match Pettersson at 6mil Tkachuk and Hughes contract I would think would have to be close to what we gave aho might cost us too much. But I would gamble on Dahlin or Pettersson.
  12. The more and more I look into the trickle down effect if we match it, it's to much for us to match it. What I mean is what I have said earlier if we match Kotkaniemi offer sheet at 6.1mil then price goes up for Suzuki and Caufeild contracts. Kotkaniemi at 6.1 Suzuki over 7mil Caufeild over 6mil That's going to be at least 19mil long term on 3 forwards. If we don't match Suzuki and Caufeild's contracts would be much lower and manageable. On a side note was reading that Carolina was trying to trade for Kotkaniemi for awhile now but couldn't come to an agreement with Bergevin on a trade, so that's why they did the offer sheet.
  13. I'm just saying it for an example... The point I'm trying to make is if you take the first you then have to 1st round picks you can package in a trade to get a top center or you can trade one of those 1st round picks to get a 2nd line center but you would have to add prospects in any deal.
  14. Yeah but the question is can you get more than a 1st and 3rd round pick for Kotkaniemi? If you think you can get more you got to keep him. If you think that's more than you would get you take the picks. Eichel is available would buffalo take the 2 first round picks plus prospects for him now? Or do you call up Winnipeg offer them Carolina 1st for Dubios? Both opinions are upgrades over Kotkaniemi.
  15. They don't want Kotkaniemi, this is just pay back for the aho sheet. That's why it's only a 1 year offer and a $20.00 signing bonus is laughable. It's a F/U to Bergevin. Now if Bergevin match's it then we get screwed with Suzuki too. We're going to have to pay Suzuki over 7mil. Kotkaniemi at 6.1m and Suzuki at 7mil or over. That's double what these guys are worth all because this offer sheet.
  16. 1st and 3rd and if Montreal match's then next year if they have to qualify him it will be at the same 6.1mil Oh and now if we do match it then that F$&*'s us up with Suzuki contract. We would have to pay him over 7mil.
  17. They just gave Kotkaniemi a offer sheet 1 year at 6.1m with a $20 signing bonus. Must be a shot at Bergevin.
  18. I think that signing Paquette and Perreault was a waste and instead we should of signed a better center like a Bozak or trade for a better 3rd line center. Playoffs aren't going to be easy to make this year like the last 2 years and if this is the team going into the season...... I don't see us making the playoffs.
  19. Just saying if they don't improve down the middle and on D then get ready for the usual tail spin around Christmas and trade deadline.
  20. And if you think that's good enough to make the playoffs then you better think again. Toronto Tampa Pittsburgh Washington Florida Boston Carolina NYI With our lineup it's going to be hard to make the playoffs if we don't improve at center and D.
  21. Well with Drouin back I would think they would put him back with Suzuki so lines could be Drouin / Suzuki / Caufeild Hoffman / Kotkaniemi / Anderson Toffoli / Evans / Gallagher Lehkonen / Paquette / Armia Ex Poehling , Perreault Edmundson / Petry Romanov / Savard Chiarot / Wideman Ex Kulak Price Allan That could be Our opening day lines and lineup. If you ask me to be honest we're in trouble if we get injuries to our d or c, we just don't have the depth like we do on the wings.
  22. I hope in no way that Caufeild or Guhle are part of this trade. I'm okay with either Suzuki or Kotkaniemi being part of it. Also would think Byron and Kulak would be part of it to make the money work little better. So maybe something like this To habs Eichel To Buffalo Suzuki, Byron, kulak, 1st and 2nd round picks and a prospect maybe Primeau. Or Kotkaniemi, Byron, Romanov, Primeau 1st and 2nd round picks. Something along those lines I would think.
  23. Yeah my thing is if they're any injuries down the middle we're in trouble. We need to upgrade that depth.
  24. As of right now we have too many winger's on the team and not enough centers. Something's got to give. Toffoli / Suzuki / Caufield Hoffman / Kotkaniemi / Gallagher Drouin / Evans / Anderson Lehkonen / PAQUETTE / Armia Byron, poehling, PERREAULT Either that's our lines going into next year or a trade is coming.
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