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  1. I don't think team's would gamble on Drouin until they see him play a few games first. See where his mindset is and how his body language is on the ice in game action.
  2. Can't wait for the would you bring Subban back next year when his contract is up or NJ buys him out. When it comes to development we dropped the ball on galchenyuk. And I'm kinda worried we're doing the same with Kotkaniemi. I wouldn't bring him back and honestly I don't see why he would want to come back. As a 3rd line center I want someone who is a good 2 way player can win faceoffs and can put up 25plus points or more. Galchenyuk isn't a center which is why we gave up on him. I would bring Domi back before I do galchenyuk.
  3. A few years back their was and it all comes down to money. If Barkov is going to ask for more than what Florida is willing to pay, then they would be willing to trade him. Away I'm just saying I would much rather have him. I don't think we would get either. Only center I see Montreal getting is pretty much PLD.
  4. Suzuki would have to be one of the players going back in order for Florida to even listen. But I think putting together a trade for Barkov would be easier than one for Eichel.
  5. I just feel Buffalo is just trying to fill all their team needs off this one trade which is crazy if you ask me. I personally like Barkov better and since his a UFA next year wonder if Florida might move him. I don't think the price would be as high as Florida has less team needs than Buffalo does.
  6. We can make a trade for him that's not the issue. It's a) at what cost is to deep and B) his contract is big and could handy cap us . To give up Suzuki or Kotkaniemi or Caufield or Romanov losing 2 of these 4 guys could hurt us especially not knowing if his going to be healthy. Theirs other guys out there we could go after. So if Buffalo is asking for the sky and the moon for him you walk away.
  7. Lol if you think buffalo is making that trade. I don't even think EA hockey would accept that on Xbox 😂
  8. He was playing really well before he got the season ending injury. Him and Caufield had some great chemistry together.
  9. I think if we're rolling 4 lines Poehling could put up 25-40pts on the 3rd line as center. Lets see what he can do if it doesn't work out go out and trade for a center upgrade.
  10. To save face after the draft lol, needs to keep The media happy. I would of liked to sign Cizikas for that 4th line center spot. Put Poehling for 3rd line center. Toffoli / Suzuki / Caufield Hoffman / Kotkaniemi / Gallagher Armia / Poehling / Anderson Lehkonen / Cizikas / Evans Try and trade Byron
  11. Wasn't he one of the guys who said he wouldn't play in his home town for the habs because of the media and fans pressure? I could be wrong but I remember his name as one.
  12. They need to bring in a vet to fill that 3rd line center spot. Other wise Evans is 3rd line center and leave that 4th line spot open to see if Poehling can make the team.
  13. Not really we lost danault which means Evans moves to 4th line center opens up a wing spot which Hoffman now fills.
  14. Looks like Suter to Dallas 4years around 3.65mil a year. Would of loved to see him in Montreal.
  15. Krejci is a UFA center that can be our 3rd line checking center to replace Danault.
  16. I think it's a little of an over payment for a guy when he's not scoring and disappears you don't notice him at all on the ice. When he's hot that's a different story but to inconsistent to be being paid $3.4mil
  17. So who do we get to make up our new energy 4th line? Once we got one it worked so well especially in the playoffs. Staal and Perry might not be back with the team, so who's their replacements 🤔
  18. $1.03mil you really think that's true. Why would they waste the ink on the fax machine for that?
  19. Wonder if going after Barkov would cost less?🤔
  20. Is it time to blow up our scouting staff and fire Timmins?
  21. Columbus has been doing some great things.
  22. Not just that, you don't think the media and fans in Montreal won't eat him alive if he struggles with his game. The worst place for this kid is Montreal.
  23. Does Bergevin know he can trade 1st round picks??
  24. I wonder what Montreal's first round grade will be 😂
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