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  1. I hope this doesn't F with our lottery draft pick . They should of just fired him after the season.
  2. It was Ment as a joke comment. The consistent part was Ment as consistently being blow out.
  3. Why what good would a wining streak do? We're in a good spot to win the lottery draft lets not blow it.
  4. Read this on B/R though it was a smart idea never really thought of it, and it can open the door for us to get more teams in on Petry and get more for him. Their idea was offer up Weber's LTIR in a trade with Petry to give team's cap room to make the trade. Kinda a smart move.
  5. If we're rebuilding then taking back money shouldn't be an issue.
  6. I think he would be a better fit in Colorado. He doesn't have to be a top guy or play top mins, play the 2nd pp unit. Plus they have some great young D prospects. Maybe if we took on about 2mil of his contract for a blue chip prospect on D, and bad contract to help them with cap To Colorado Petry plus we take back 2mil of his contract To habs Barron and Compher
  7. I think a large part of it is covid19 the other part has been the same old story in the last 35 years which is lack of depth on the team and in our system as far as prospects go. But take out covid19 protocol we would of had less players out which would of Ment more wins.
  8. I read that rumor on EK. Which means it isn't happening. Usually if it's on EK it never going to happen. Only difference on EK it just didn't say which players Montreal was going to trade for Lafreniere, just that it was big enough to make them listen and think about it.
  9. Yeah but you can always use that late pick to move up in the draft if a player you like is their. Or in a daft day trade for someone.
  10. So what you're saying is habs suck at developing coach's just as bad as players 😹
  11. Would that not ruin the coach for any future job?
  12. Thank you at least you read the post and point I was coming across which is why I gave your post a love. These guys don't read the whole post and try and make an opinion about the whole point of view. They just saw trade caufield and Romanov and flipped out.
  13. My post had nothing to do with a rebuild or retool. Since everyone was going that way. My post was for a win now, giving up 2 young not established guys for the type of young guy we need now to win I'm okay with that type of trade. Obliviously if it's a rebuild you don't make that trade with Arizona or sign those UFA you just blow up the team and go young.
  14. I think the management team needs to decide if it's just a right off year from hell, or if it's going to be a full rebuild. A lot of people say full rebuild so I will play Devils advocate and say it's not going to be a rebuild just a year from hell and revamp the Dcore. This year has shown us that are prospects pool isn't deep especially in goal and on D. Our NHL Dcore is no good and needs to be blown up. We have depth on the wings but not at center. So with that being said, we're going to address our center need with the draft. At the deadline we trade Chiarot Kulak Wideman Gets what ever picks we can At the draft we pull of this trade To Arizona Romanov, Caufield, Armia(they can flip him somewhere else) To habs Chychrun, Gostisbehere and are 1st round pick back. If we get a 1st for chiarot we would then have 3 1st round picks in the draft. Looks like Petry wants out too so We could trade him to Dallas. Because they're going to lose Klingberg so this trade could work To Dallas Petry To habs Klingberg 2nd round pick 1st if we can't resign him in the off season. In the off season sign Laine or Forsberg and clutterbuck and stralman Team would look like this next year Hoffman / Wright / Forsberg or Laine Drouin / Suzuki / Anderson Toffoli / Dovark / Gallagher Evans / Poehling / Clutterbuck Chychrun / Klingberg Gostisbehere / Stralman Clague / Savard Price/ Allen This would give the habs a totally different line up. You got guys on the back end that can push the play up ice and put the puck on net and QB the PP. you also add more toughness in clutterbuck, starlman We trade Byron and lehkonen for picks. This way with the picks we get we can restock our farm system.
  15. Could you imagine not picking Wright but a Montreal born player instead 🤑
  16. That was the media darling pick. The draft was in Montreal and that was to please the fan's and media.
  17. Wow you can really see how out skilled we are on 3 on 3 may god did we even touch the puck in OT
  18. Man I don't think the habs have iced the same lineup 2 games in a row all year. Seems like every game someone gets hurt or gets covid talk about a season from hell.
  19. If we are going to rebuild then yes blow it up next 2 years think nothing but 1st overall pick.
  20. Would be funny if Montreal got the 1st overall pick with the draft being in Montreal. Kind of funny how that's working itself out.🤔
  21. Why not see what he has by playing him in NHL this year. The experience would be a plus for him and help him to see what he needs to work on next year in Laval.
  22. I wouldn't make the trade, at this point we don't need wins or points so play the younger guys and showcase them this year. Maybe it would help make some trades easier to make if some younger guys not in our plans step up and play well their trade value could increase.
  23. The problem with this organization is what's its always been depth and hanging onto aging players way to long and ending up not replacing them when they leave or retire. Their is a reason why we can't win games when we go through injuries to key players, because we just don't have the depth or talent in the farm system to over come the long term key injuries. Instead of making trades to bring in someone to help until the player returns, we do nothing and hope our 3/4 line talent and not NHL ready players and fill the hole. But that never happens and we tail spin. The D guys you just listed on any other team are bottom pairing guys. But because of lack of depth and talent on Montreal these guys are playing top paring minutes. Our D needs to get blown up and rebuild.
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