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  1. If this isn't a rebuild just a year from hell and we plan on contending. if we call Arizona and asked about CHYCHRUN and Arizona wanted Romanov and Caufield in return would you do it? Keep in mind next year would could have Wright and Chychrun in the lineup on a healthy team🤔
  2. The struggles of the big club is a big indication of how little depth and talent we have in our prospect pool, when it comes to top 6 talent. Bad drafting and player development is a big result of this. It goes back to when we started to be contenders for the cup after Price, Gallagher, Pacioretty, Subban all made the jump to the NHL. We started trading away picks for players that never did workout and we never did draft and develop replacement players for aging players. The effects of all that are felt especially now.
  3. I've been a habs fan a long time but man I think this is the worst Dcore the habs have ever put together. We need to blow this D up and rebuild it. I mean what happen to that D system style of play from the first 10 games of last year?
  4. This is what's wrong with sports, you give guys like Kane, Brown (NFL) chance after chance after chance. But a guy like Kap gets Zero , makes zero sense to me.
  5. Oh okay didn't realize that but then we do Price, Gallagher, Armia this year Savard, Edmudson, Byron next year At the end of our rebuild we would have over 20mil in cap space. Hopefully we can draft an elite 1st line center and elite RD and LD to add to our younger new cord group of players.
  6. We have the room to eat up bad contracts to make them easier to trade IE Price we eat $4.50mil Gallagher we eat 3.5mil, Savard we eat at 1.5mil , Armia we eat at 1.5mil , Edmundson we eat at 1.5mil. Drouin we eat 2.5mil. It would make those contracts easier to trade we could ask for higher end prospects and picks in return for taking on that much of the contract. Then by the time our rebuild is done all that money comes off the books. Would also help us stay at the cap floor. That would probably be the best way to do this rebuild with a lot of bad contracts on our team.
  7. How to make a Price trade if we're going to blow this up. Price has 5 years left on his contract which works out great for us in a 5 year rebuild plan because we can eat the max amount of his contract and it will come off the books right when we're ready to come out of the rebuild. So now Price becomes a much easier trade for team's at a cap hit at 5.5mil then 10mil over the next 5 years. So if I'm Edmonton I need to improve on the D side of things and in net, i give Montreal a call and offer them this deal To Habs 2 1st round picks , 2nd round pick Ceci, Koskinen, Foegele To Edmonton Price, Lehkonen and Chiarot This trade would improve Edmonton and put them as a cup favorite. Habs can then move Ceci and Foegele else where.
  8. Last year look at our point total and then the point total of the American teams that would of been in our conference if it was the same. We would of never made the playoffs. We made the playoffs because it was an all Canadian division. Am I glad we made it to the finals yes, but if under the regular divisions it's another year missing the playoffs.
  9. Last 2 years shouldn't count we were given a playoff spot. Other wise it would of been 2 more years with a top 10 pick.
  10. It's been 10 years of this so what's 5 more 😹. If the end result is going to be a team with elite and talented players then I'm all for it.
  11. If we're going through a full rebuild we don't need him. His contract ends in 4 years which means right after the rebuild his probably would leave. Our goal should be finish within a top 5 1-5 pick for the next 5 years. Stock pile top end prospects build up or farm system and NHL team with top level prospects.
  12. Well hats off to them that was a great 1st period.
  13. I always believed that this was released into the air and we all breathed it in and it's in our system. The way it effect or system is when we get sick and our system is weak. If you're not sick and have a heather immune system it won't effect you. What needs to happen is that we need to put a band on people going out when they are sick. Even if that means giving them their full pay for days missed when sick. This way sick people can't get others sick and their will be more healthier people than sick and this virus can't spread.
  14. Wow 5 d 11 f, going to be a long afternoon 0-1 already.
  15. Happy new year everyone, nice to see the farm team playing.
  16. I think he would be more effective if we get an elite center to take the pressure off him.
  17. Does that still matter now that Bergevin is gone 🤔 need to get pass it.
  18. That's 2 points too much, need to let phoenix pass us. Oh who am i kidding phoenix won't pass 20 points this year.
  19. (DELETED) The kid made a mistake, he's owned up to it. Let him grow and learn from it now.
  20. Just wanted to say a very merry Christmas to everyone. All the best to your family's and stay safe
  21. Well theirs so many blow up team post going on thought I would put a different spin on things lol
  22. Here's a question if the plan is to still try and win a cup with this group of guys, with this year just being a right off year. then if we get a top 5 pick do you trade it for an elite established center or LD/RD to win now? Or do you make the pick🤔
  23. If it's a full rebuild then blow up the team like they did the front office. Anderson Petry Gallagher Hoffman Drouin Price Edmundson Lehkonen Toffoli Byron Armia Chiarot Savard Kulak Allan Should all be traded Build the team around Suzuki, Caufield, Dvorak, Romanov, Guhle, Poehling and Evans
  24. Trade ufa's and RFA you don't want to resign get picks for them. Big name trades would probably be done at the draft or before free agency starts.
  25. At this point this season is just laughable. I mean what else could go wrong.
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