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  1. Maybe Bergevin is leaving next year and blowing up the team 😹😂😂😂 Joking aside this is what we should of done 4 years ago Instead of the retool. But we finally have a good team that just needs a PP QB and more depth on D. A lot of our scoring came when the D was pushing the play up ice and playing physical. But once the injuries started coming to the D the scoring dried up. If we can add some Playmakers on the back end we should be okay. Pull a Tampa and rest Weber and Price until the playoffs.
  2. If it wasn't Seattle no way he is waving his NMC, It's a win win for Price. It's close to his home , So if he doesn't get picked it's a win for him, Allan and Montreal. If he does get picked it's a win for him and his family.
  3. Isn't their a claws where they have to play a full season first ? Seattle wouldn't be allowed to traded him right back. But it's looking like they may indeed pick him. Bergevin was complaining he didn't want to lose Allan for nothing but in the end he might lose Tatar, Danault, Price and Weber all for nothing. So who's the top prospect in next year's draft anyway 🤔
  4. A lot of the ones that were hoping for this to happen back when we had our yearly tail spin must be happy with this news. But man if Price did play with bad hips and knee and played that well more respect to him. Also more respect to Weber playing through the pain he did.
  5. The thing with Danault is they're a dime a dozen in the NHL. I wouldn't pay him anything over 5mil
  6. Ahhhhhhh the fun time of year
  7. Not sold on Hamilton in Montreal. He had a hard time in Boston and Calgary, I think the media will eat him alive much like they did to Drouin if he underperformers. I would look at making a trade and an interesting player could be Ristolainen. 1 year left on his contract. I would offer our 1st round pick and a prospect or another pick to buffalo for him. I think in our system he would do really well.
  8. Well if Weber can't go how about signing both Staal brothers 🤔
  9. One thing for sure about Weber , I would bring him in as a coach when he does call it a career.
  10. Wonder if we offer Tampa Drouin and a 2nd for Sergachev they would accept it lol😹😂😹
  11. If habs go all in on someone to replace Weber then it's Seth Jones they go all in on. I have no problem giving up a 1st and 2nd for him and one of our young D prospects. But I wouldn't give up Romanov or Kotkaniemi for him.
  12. I feel we need to get bigger down the middle. Our lack of size really showed in the finals vers Tampa.
  13. Would you take landesgok over danault if landesgok hits open market? I would... dream off season Landesgok, Suter and a PP QB on D. Toffoli / Suzuki / Caufeild Anderson / Landesgok / Gallagher Lehkonen / Kotkaniemi / Byron Armia / Staal / Perry Chiarot / Weber Edmundson / Petry Suter / Romanov
  14. I hope Weber gives his old buddy a call, get the band back together lol.
  15. Suter being bought out, should habs take a gamble on him to improve the LD side?
  16. It's funny everyone said habs would be in cap hell with price and weber contracts, but it you look at it everyone who has signed their forward group to big money deals are the ones always in trouble with the cap.
  17. Wow Chicago clearing cap room with that trade. I think Chicago is going to pick up one of the young D available to replace Keith. maybe Jones?🤔
  18. I think if Armia and Danault want too much let them walk. The problem i have with them is that when they go cold it's for a long time and you don't notice them out there. For that reason I don't want to over paid them to stay. Danault at 4-5mil yes anything over 5mil no. Armia at 1.5-2.5mil yes anything over no. I feel that theirs a lot of good 3rd/4th line players out there on the free agency market that we can easily replace them for less and get more out put. Perry and Staal I would bring back along with Lehkonen. Kotkaniemi we need to resign and also Poehling. Like I had mentioned in the other post we need to find a way to get rid of Byron and Drouin contracts. Hopefully we can talk Seattle into taking one of them.
  19. Not really I think they would be more than happy to trade him. But if we can't resign Danault I would offer up Danault UFA rights and a draft pic to Columbus for rights to Laine
  20. This is the fun time a year. I just hope we don't over pay for Danault, if he wants over 6mil let him walk. Theirs a lot of 3rd and 4th line centers in free agency that we can replace his D/face offs skills for less. I would take a gamble on Laine , play him with he's country men maybe that will inspire him. We got to some how get rid of Drouin's and Byron's contracts to have more spending money. I hope we can offer up a pick to Seattle to take one of them. Probably most likely Byron. Blues will lose Tarasenko this off season so maybe if Drouin is going to play next year they would be interested in him. Or call up Colorado and see if they would be interested in reunite him with MacKinnon. Should be an interesting month
  21. I wonder if Blues would take a chance on Drouin to replace Tarasenko 🤔 To blues Drouin + Poehling + Kulak + 1st To habs Tarasenko Wonder if that would work?
  22. He has 2 years left on his contract at 5.5mil. If he decides to play next year do we take a chance on him? Or do we leave him unprotected and work out a deal that Seattle takes him?
  23. Weber isn't going anywhere. The guy that would be left unprotected would be Byron with maybe a side deal in place for Seattle to take him.
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