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  1. I just think cooper is showing he's one hell of a coach. He's just simply out coaching us.
  2. We got the team that tailspin right before the trade line for this series.
  3. First off did anyone really think we could beat Tampa?? I mean look at their talent compared to ours. Look at thier D compared to ours. I'm not taking anything away from the great job our guys did to get here , but Tampa is a different beast all together. I thought we would get 1 maybe 2 games out of this series, but man we're like boy's playing men out there. It's just unfair and it really exposed our weaknesses.
  4. I don't want to see them win the cup in Montreal. Anything but that.
  5. It's only fun if you take a shot each time Tampa score's 😹
  6. That's what a 5 year rebuild plan looks like when done right
  7. We need to add more depth on our D more Playmakers on D. This is what's hurting us. If we can do that in the off season and maybe add a guy like laine we will be back.
  8. This is what depth is for, their a much deeper team then us. But this experience will be good for the kids. Use it to come back hungrier next year.
  9. Can't stop what you can't see, this is how you beat this guy more bodies to the net .
  10. Their just too deep and talented especially on D. But the old saying goes you need to learn how to lose before you can learn how to win .
  11. The old Bergevin would of never drafted him because of his size. But when Bergevin started the retool he started to draft players for today's NHL. CC fits that mold perfectly.
  12. Anyone know what happen to tinker bell and her fairy dust.... We need more because ours ran out🤔
  13. Yeah but we drafted them because we were weak at that position. If we were strong down the middle we would of never taken the chance at drafting Kotkaniemi.
  14. Toronto problem and you can throw in Edmonton also is when they were doing their rebuild they kept on drafting best available player. End result is that they became forward heavy and weak on D and in net. Which is still there weaknesses today. When Montreal did their retool they draft best available player for team need. We needed a center we drafted Kotkaniemi over tkachuk. We needed a skilled winger with speed that could score we draft Caufeild. When Bob Gainey did our 5 year rebuild plan he built the team from the net out. But that left us weak at forward. But out of that rebuild we got Price, Subban, Pacioretty, Gallagher and we should of kept Mcdonagh. Having good scouting staff and a good development program helps too. Our development program went to shit once we started to be a regular playoff team and then cup finals favorite. We just stopped drafting and developing players and traded our picks looking for that final piece of the puzzle, which we never found. When Bergevin took over we pretty much had no good prospects in the farm system. But full mark's to Bergevin because since the retool and change of philosophy he's done a great job in drafting best available player for team need.
  15. the thing that's going to be huge is last change. Who ever can adjust to the line matching game will win the series. We simply got out coached last night in game one. Cooper did a great job with getting the line match ups he wanted all game long. We can't go line for line with them , their top 6 out match our top 6.
  16. It's safe to say we got out coached in this one. If we don't find away to get away from cooper's match up game we're not going to win in Tampa.
  17. I think it's going to be a home and home series but we got to find a way to win in Tampa
  18. Oh man left side Stamkos one timers right side Kucherov we're dead if we take 5 on 3 PP with this team.
  19. Man this is why I wanted the NYI instead of Tampa. Yzerman did a hell of a job building this team.
  20. I think Bettman told them call penalties after the last round with lee
  21. I noticed that and that's when I notice Weber's hand also.
  22. I would offer up a draft pick to Seattle to take Drouin or wait and see how he looks when or if he comes back
  23. No worries been questioning Bergevin moves all year got us to a cup finals so why stop now lol. On a side note does Drouin get his name on the cup if we do win? 🤔
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