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  1. TVA just clarified that Edmundson wasn't there because of family reasons.
  2. I understand Weber not being there, and Price too ... but I was surprised Edmundson didn't do a walk out.
  3. I'll be curious to see what, if anything, of this pre-game "spectac" carries forward after opening night.
  4. IMO has the potential to be better than Petry-Kulak ... but still not a legit #1 pairing ...
  5. If he continues, should at least be on the radar for Team Canada
  6. You'd think that over the last 20 years THE TEAM might have had more than two good seasons offensively (my measure bing top 10 in scoring) ... and when the average for that period is 18th, the team can reasonably be considered at best "average" offensively, and close to poor.
  7. Thought your post was about the one game the 'Canes have played ... which was remarkably similar (0g,0p, -1, 2 shots) to what I now see was your prediction for next week ... fingers crossed you are correct TOI .... faceoffs
  8. And presumably was a 3rd line winger ... 11:37 5-on-5 TOI (8th amongst Hurricane forwards) ... 0:41 on PP ... took NONE of the 67 faceoffs in the game ...
  9. BEST thing in this 3rd period is that there are not a lot of whistles ... "ça passe vite"
  10. There was some pretty passing amongst the "Drouin unit" but. nobody looked ready to shoot ... then the "Suzuki unit" couldn't really get setup in the zone ... looks all too familiar ... paging Mike Hoffman
  11. That hasn't always stopped the Habs from losing (e.g., 2019-20 Red Wings)
  12. I restricted myself to players who has 90+ with the Habs ... and the response was (I thought obviously) tongue-in-cheek.
  13. I did something similar ... thought about Damphousse, Larouche, Smith or Muller but Stephane was the only one I was certain has been playing with the old-timers.
  14. This century, the Habs have been in the top 10 twice ... in 2012-13 the were fourth, sandwiched between seasons of 19th and 21st ... and another blip in 2007/08 (2nd, between seasons of 15th and 13th) ... in those 20 years the Habs are 18th in goals scored ... pushed to 19th using goals/season because Vegas passes them (although not a fair metric as Vegas could go into the tank after the current roster moves on) ... so the lack of scoring has been an issue for some time.
  15. When Stephane Richer next plays in an old-timers game?
  16. This is why the NHL needs to have some means for the press to submit questions to the refs to get explanations for certain calls, in particular the rules interpretation ...
  17. TVA stats for tonights game so far shows the Drouin-Dvorak-Anderson line dominating the Leafs in all aspects
  18. Somewhat surprising as "escrow" is expected to be high in the near term and hopefully decline once the cap starts rising ... no difference to Habs but may cost Suzuki some money.
  19. If I was a betting man I might have picked Chiarot to get the Habs' first penalty ... but would have expected it to be cross-checking ... go PK go
  20. I think a near point per game player would be more expensive than what Suzuki will get ... looking at last year, if I did it properly, of the 13 forwards whose AAV was $7.375M-$8.375M (+/- $5M from Suzuki's future AAV), only two were over 0.9 pts per game (O'Reilly and Wheeler) ... the median (half above, half below) was 0.62 p/gm ...
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