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  1. Absolutely ridiculous ... cap hit would be $666,667 this season but push $2,166,667 onto next season's cap
  2. Currently the Habs show as $1.9M and change under the ceiling ... since I don't expect them to make any significant additions Hughes may well be able to avoid LTIR this season, especially if he manages to move another veteran out ... that would allow them to accumulate cap space to use at the deadline (retaining salary on an outgoing player and/or maybe even being the "third team" in a deadline deal).
  3. Yes ... 48 points/82 games last season for the 6th lowest scoring team in the league ... and all but two of JD's gmaes before the hans started playing more competitively after MSL took over.
  4. But having played well why would he accept a one-yr contract?
  5. I like the trade as well ... getting an asset for a player who will never play again and eliminate years of possible LTIR is briliant From GK's perspective the deal clears Dadnov's AAV from the cap and adds a contract that can be LTIR'd if needed ... an LTIR contract in and of itself adds no cap space for a team ... and I'm betting Weber moves to Arizona or another team that wants "free cap hit" with the "cost" being another player (plus picks/prospects) that GK may not want to lose but will in order to further reduce their cap hit.
  6. Vegas is not a "real dollars" team ... so actual salaries are likely moot ... it is about clearing cap space by moviong out an "active" contract for a LTIR contract ... but because of the term remaining on Weber I suspect/expect the GKs will move him to another team (my bet would be Arizona) and add another contract(s)/prospect(s)/pick(s) to sweeten the deal ... ultimately freeing up more cap space.
  7. I've read that some feel that 2023 propsects Matvei Michkov and Adam Fantilli are as good or better than Wright ... so first overall (Bedard) would be ideal but top 3 might still yield an exceptional talent ... and the 2023 draft is supposedly deeper than years' so anywhere in the lottery may be better than the same spot this season.
  8. OR ... they think they can move Weber with another contract to clear more space ... this may mean that Arizona was insisting on "getting paid" to take Weber's contract ... which Vegas may be willing to do in the form of including another player/contract
  9. Don't know that they necessarily need to wait until the deadline ... but that would be the longest he will be a Hab (barring injury)
  10. Dadanov will play and eat up cap space ... Weber will LTIR and if the GKs manage their cap well free up Dadanov's $5M cap hit for another player ... although they are resigning themselves to being in LTIR ... OR ... they think they can move Weber with another contract to clear more space.
  11. If true, and he is looking for an AHL contract (i.e., not a 2-way NHL deal) then it seems like a no-brainier to me ... good regular season, great playoffs.
  12. 3 - 0 ... two on the previously punch-less power-play.
  13. 2 - 0 mid-second ... Springfield carrying the play
  14. Depends where he would be drafted ... the write-up doesn't lead one to hope for much offence contribution (not just referring to goals/points) so doesn't seem to fit a priority for the rebuilding d-corps ... but switching countries and earning ice-time in one of the best leagues in the world is impressive ... maybe Oilers 2nd or somewhere in the 3rd (or a trade up with some lower picks) ... if he is available.
  15. Mailloux has not signed a contract ... perhaps he cannot use the Habs facilities and medical resources.
  16. Mailloux has yet to sign a contract so perhaps he cannot use the Habs facilities or medical resources.
  17. 5 - 1 Condotta deflects Ouellet shot on a PP in the last minute
  18. Peca makes it 3 - 1 just under 5 minutes left
  19. 1 - 0 after second 2-0 early in third Martel makes it 3 - 0 with his second of the game with 11:09 remaining
  20. And that assumes they pan out ... someone said earlier there may not even be any goalies rated higher than 4th round or later (i.e., outside the top 100) ... no need to waste a higher pick on a goalie just for the sake of adding another goalie.
  21. He certainly comes across as incredibly mature
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