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  1. I am 99.9% certain he was not referring to next season ... rather, to the expectation that the rebuild will lead to a powerhouse, or at least a consistent playoff team and Cup contender ... no more "wild card" and see what happens.
  2. TSN690 posed a "question of the day" on their 10-noon show of whether the habs should add a veteran coach to the staff. As I've read elsewhere, I think it is a good idea to add a veteran coach to the organization, as a resource for MSL and even JF Houle (maybe even Burrows regarding the PP, although a true QB would be much more useful) ... avoiding the full-time coaching role might expand the number, and quality, of candidates interested.
  3. Absolutely ... if a talented prospect slips because of fear he is too small, and thereby becomes a better selection than others left on the table, then it is true ... but ay any given point, in the first round especially, absent "slippage" the distinction may between players may be minimal ... and factoring in size doesn't necessarily mean drafting a Jared Tinordi ... it may simply be favouring NHL average size over NHL "tres petit" between two players of similar skill sets ... size can be a legitimate concern in SOME cases.
  4. Agreed ... the Habs do not know whether he will prove to be a good coach and MSL doesn't yet know if he really wants to be an NHL coach given the various demands.
  5. Depends on whether you are counting by the coaches themselves, or by terms as coach ... four had two stints as coach: Ruel: 1968-70; 1979-81 Therrien: 2000-03; 2012-17 Julien: 2003-06; 2017-21 Gainey: 2006; 2009
  6. I didn't necessarily expect him to flop but thought he might prefer the relative security of a front office job, perhaps even being the de facto GM in training, over the "what have you done for me lately" profession of coaching ... I am more interested in seeing development than wins (i.e., don't prioritize wins in the short-term over development for the long-term).
  7. For what VERY little it is likely worth
  8. And mine was just a comment ... it will be an interesting few weeks.
  9. That does not seem to fit the presumed profile of HoGo players.
  10. Or in the LottoMax level unlikely event they can trade for a second high pick
  11. An interesting point that Hughes made was that players are at different places ... some have had private coaching all year, some have had time since year-end to rest and prepare, and some have just recently completed a long season ... I take it that this snapshot is not necessarily considered an accurate head-to-head comparison of players' capabilities.
  12. Couldn't ... KK signing the offer sheet was predicated on the already agreed upon extension ... would have been breaking their word ... serves them right.
  13. It is an approach that strikes me as solid, and more difficult to defend ... but it requires the right players to be making the decisions
  14. Maybe they could get the Leafs first ... err ... 2023 first ... err ... 2024 first ... OK ... err 2022 2nd ... OK, OK ... 2022 ... ah, ah, ah ... 7th
  15. By that season he was a pretty ordinary goaltender ... .902 regular season and .888 in playoffs ...
  16. Losing was disappointing ... to me, this even more-so
  17. In the 5th round might be worth a flyer ... 😉
  18. Be it Brampton or North Bay, the Battalion have the ugliest uniforms IMO, at very least in the OHL.
  19. Will Hughes claim him to assist The Rocket? Don't know if he could play for Laval but at least it would keep him off the Springfield roster. Pending UFA so no commitment.
  20. I won't be able to sleep tonight.
  21. Maybe one of the GMs should hire Pedro Cerrano to bless their goalie's equipment.
  22. But it is a lovely campus ... toured it, did not attend.
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