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  1. I think they would lose Demko to Seattle in the Expansion Draft if this trade were to happen prior to that draft
  2. I'm with Bell tv (satellite) and just signed up for the NHL Centre Ice Package. It's $189 for the season (4 equal payments). So for 56 games, that works out to $3.39 / game. I see every single game and don't have to worry about being blacked out. I guess it's your choice but it works for me.
  3. I agree. As much as Dubois is a good player, are the Habs prepared to duplicate the Sergachev trade simply because he is from chez nous? If that is at the forefront, trading two local boys (Danault / Drouin) would defeat the purpose.
  4. Suzuki and Mete shouldn't be considered prospects. Possibly KK as well. Just my opinion.
  5. A good move by Bergevin. He could be picked up by Seattle, given that he would have 2 years left on his contract at the end this coming season. This secures our defense from losing a player. If Seattle picks another player, he provides great backup to Price for a couple more years. If Primeau is ready, Allen would be a good trade option with 2 years left on his agreement. All good options for us.
  6. I would hate to see us lose Gally, however, if it reached that point, I would want Podkolzin and picks. From there, Hoffman would be a target if he is still available.
  7. If healthy, I would prefer Juulsen or Fleury as opposed to Mete on the right side
  8. I'm thinking that Romanov will be with the habs, although a year with Bouchard would be great for his development. Still leaves Mete and Kulak to think about.
  9. If we look at stats only, Domi wins. However, these two are different players and would have different roles on a team. Most people call Domi a playmaker, however, it seemed that he would want to carry the puck through the neutral zone and he would try to go through the opposition before making a play. If he got through, yes, he would then try to use his wingers. However, most times he would lose possession of the puck during entry and the opposition would counter attack. He was very predictable. And I agree with you, I hope that Anderson can stay healthy, it's an important need.
  10. Me too! Could be our third line right D and could play with Romanov or Kulak.
  11. I think their right side (defense) might need some additional future help. Weber and Petry are in their 30's and although we have Juulsen, Fleury, Brook in the wings, another RHD would be a good thing. (Maybe a Kulak or Mete trade for a RHD) But I also agree that another sniper would be great!
  12. I would say he has gainful employment
  13. I believe that would apply to fans from all teams.
  14. Not sure of the Zach Parise comparison. Zach is 5"11' and 196 lbs. I'm assuming that you are basing your comment on similar skills?
  15. I would really like the Habs to trade some of our 2nds and 3rd / 4th round picks to get another 1st rounder. Whichever combination works is good with me. We need quality picks now! Over the last couple of years, we haven't signed all of our picks due to the 50 contract rule. Let's not simply waste picks that can't be signed. If we can't make a trade to move up, maybe we trade picks for future years or maybe some of our current picks help us to get that scoring winger?
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