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  1. 7 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    While initially skeptical, I learned to love what he brings. That being said, a D-corps that cannot function effectively without Joel Edmundson is just not a good D-corps.

    its more then just Edmundson (whos been a rock since joining)... weve lost 2 of our top Dman when you add Weber and his 20 plus minutes as well. So the loss of Edmundson coupled with Weber is catastrophic. Not to mention they both were key cogs on the PK along with Danault and Byron.... add all that together and its no wonder the team is 0-5 to start and just north of  50% on the PK.



  2. Suzuki will be fine. Evans has shown when healthy that he is a capable C. Where lies the problem is KK was replaced by Paquette and now Perreault (a winger)


    Not to mention we brought Savard on to add to our D core but needed 2 Dman (one to replace weber).


    Add to that danault, Weber, edmundson and Byron (4 key cogs on our PK) all removed and we have the worst PK in the league at around 50%... couple that with a PP running at 0% and its no wonder we are 0-4.


    Realistic fans of hockey and more importantly the Habs understand that with 9 players removed from this teams playoff run and alot of them key players, we would have a rough start maybe even a rough year. Fix the special teams and we can right this ship. Cause we could easily be 2-2 if the leafs and rangers went our way on special teams alone.



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  3. 1 hour ago, johnnyhasbeen said:

    I am laughing at the comments on this game. Yes, it was bad. So were the Leaf against Ottawa. Why? It is back to back games at the first of the year.  Even mid season it is hard to not be exhausted for the second game. Yeah Yeah, big money pros should be in shape. No. It is mental fatigue which most of you would not understand, but let me explain. The NHL is a fast game. Is that referring to the speed the skating and puck moves? Not really. It is about how much time you have to make a decision at every moment of the game. The first game will totally drain you and to have it against a rival like we did, the intensity was amped. What happens in game 2 is your brain is not quite in sync. You make passes behind the player, you turn over the puck at the blueline. Everything you saw last night. That is a little sports psych 101 for you all. Yes the legs are tired but it is the mind that failed last night. Excuses? Heck, it is game 2. I think it is the reality of what I watched last night. 

    Stop acting like Leaf fans. it is embarrassing 

    We call that BS... its game 2 not game 20 or game 30. The mental tiredness of playing up to 20 minutes of on ice hockey? Gimme a break but for the goalie and he was fresh. these guys took a bus from TO to Buffalo and settled in by 1am. They lost because they weren't up to the challenge of Buff home opener.  

    Petry made bad decicuons

    Romanov  was turning over the puck all night.

    Chiarot I thought played well but took some untimely penalties.

    Our PK was bad and our PP was worse.

    it was the difference in game 1 as well as game 2.

    The 3rd and 4th line do not look good over 2 games. The Engvall line owned us on Wednesday and it carried over to yesterday. I'll wait for players to return and iron out the wrinkles but don't tell me a team with half the players in there 20's are fatigued after game 1 physically or mentally because if that is the case we are so fkd all season...

  4. 4 hours ago, DON said:

    Guhle is going back to juniors, so Norlinder-Wideman battle it is and seeing how they are 2nd guessing rushing Kotkaniemi, i assume Norlinder will be back in Sweden sooner than later.

    But am looking forward to see how these 3 play also.

    Norlinder is older then KK currently... not sure if we can compare.

    Lots of powerplays so it will be interesting to see how they play 5on5 after they kill the 4 minutes 

  5. 7 hours ago, tomh009 said:

    I think this has gone sufficiently off-topic for a training camp thread. If you want to continue this discussion, please take it to the off-topic lounge.


    I already moved on as evidenced from by latest multiple posts... you should be reaching out to others who have continuied the topic I didn't start by the way

  6. Did you seriously drop a Washington post opinion piece?? 

    - more then plus 80% double vaxd in Israel highest and longest standing in globe 

    -7/8 months ahead of north america in vax⁸ rollout (meaning we can compare data to Israel in March.

    - Over half of all hospitalizations and deaths in Isreal currently are double vaxd and they have the highest infections on top of that then any time during this pandemic and its summer time and they are +80% double vaxd for more then 8 months (repeating myself to stress)

    - no country has been double vaxd longer then the citizens of Israel meaning we will have similar numbers if modeling Israeli and UK data (as well) is aligned


    This is what truly matters...

    serious illness/ hospitalizations and deaths


    Not case counts or total infections 


    And right now it's essentially a 60/40 split

    DD vax VS unvax


    It also seems Dr. Fauci says otherwise on transmissabilty then what your saying... remove the opinion and read the data And make your own decision for what's right for you. You should not be punished at work or in school or life in general for deciding to not take a medical procedure without informed consent or fear of being punished. Period.  Especially for a vaccine that is yet to be even approved!



    My pharmacy is preparing for another March surge similar to UK and Isreal... as an fyi and we've stockpiled close to 16 million doses of Pfzier and Moderna. My pharmacy has carried Pfzier for the most part which is the choice of the majority. Discarded alot of Moderna as nobody wanted it and it all expired...

    With that said, to read the Isreaeli data is a little tough due to language barriers but attached is a link to the most current technical brief provided by Public health England from Feb to August 20, 2021


    Page 21/22 is fairly telling and interesting when tracking all hospitalizations and deaths in the country by vaccination status. And to think the numbers in Isreal are worse while considering they are 2 months more advanced then UK in rollout.


    No opinions just raw data...



    I really dont want to argue this as I'm for vaccination but totally against forced/ coerced/ mandated vax. Everyone has a choice and that choice should not be made under duress.. and there SHOuLD Not be consequences for choosing to decline... medical tyranny is medical tyranny...



    Read 👇brief and disect pg 21/22 as we can expect soon enough in Canada




    19 minutes ago, GHT120 said:


    No vaccine = increased risk of infection = increased risk of transmission to those around him = posing a risk to their health


    I completely agree he has a choice ... but that choice has consequences ... for him and potentially those around him

    His choice is personal and has no consequences but for his own. You are gas lighting and fueling more division in this largely forsaken world currently.


    The risk of transmission is no different between vAx and unvaxd persons. Stating you have an increased risk of transmission is just plain disinformation. Exposure to the virus is the same regardless of vax status. The possibility of experiencing milder symptoms once infected if vax'd is a case that could be made. But even those studies are still yet to be fully documented as double vaccination in Canada is only 3 months into rollout. DATA out of Israel and UK which is close to 7/8 months ahead of Canada in roll out is very troubling.


    Anyways this is a hockey forum.... sorry to the forum for hijacking it..



  8. 4 hours ago, GHT120 said:

    That Rinaldo is willing to risk the health of others on and around the team or that the team won't let him ... or, at very least, won't plan to use a roster spot on a marginal player that will not be able to play any games north of the border even if he makes the team?

    The fact you believe he is risking the health of others in and around the team because he chooses to not get vax'd is what's even more horrible... he has a choice and it might not be the same as yours... 

    Give your head a shake cause that thought process alone is appalling.

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