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  1. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canadiens-agree-entry-level-contract-arsen-khisamutdinov/ 2019 6th round pick. Interesting. His KHL numbers are less than exciting, but same goes for Romanov.
  2. Is this guy a 2nd or 3rd pair player? He certainly got a nice raise for 4 days into free agency.
  3. Cap space is probably no longer an issue. Carolina will match. Aho's salary isn't of a concern anymore.
  4. There are infinite possibilities for trades out there. Dumping the contracts of Shaw and ND will provide added flexibility to getting a #1 or #2 LD. Toronto was weak on D and they they pulled off something for Barrie that no one really saw coming. I'm equally sure MB has the ability to also explore these types of options.
  5. Man, that's vicious. Tom Dundon must be livid.
  6. At 22 years old, i wouldn't say he's any further off than someone out of the NCAA
  7. https://www.tsn.ca/montreal-canadiens-sign-defenceman-otto-leskinen-to-entry-level-deal-1.1301904 He's a lefty, and looks to be offensive. Not sure if this is 100% guaranteed Laval assignment or if Otto has some legit chance of making the top 4. His numbers are good.
  8. @dlbalr - FYI, Nate is still listed as a UFA on the Free Agent Lists and not includes in the Recent Transaction section on the main homepage.
  9. CBJ is really throwing around picks this week. 2x 1sts, 2x 2nds, a 4th and a 7th.
  10. Dutch Gretzky should offset SOME of the offense lost from Froese going the other way.
  11. I think many are stating that they'll keep his 1000th game in Montreal for a proper celebration. BUT it could also be a hockey decision, too.
  12. Dorion learned from his previous mistakes. LOL.
  13. Well, except goal tending. I'd tag their D as overrated and under-experienced. But you can't argue about their Forwards and Coaching team.
  14. Jesus, Brian. You're churning out the signing write-ups faster than TSN can put names in their tracker. Still not seeing a single Habs signing. EDIT:Well, until 30 seconds ago.
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