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  1. Radulov went on to be a PPG player for the better part of his time after MTL until his injury. Everyone in Dallas pretty much sucked in 2019 in that off year. Whatever bump he wanted more than Dallas offered would have been worth it. MB did screw that up.
  2. Honestly, my first thought (regardless of position) was Gallagher on the move. Seems like we're taking a lot of risk for upside on the trades in this slot. But the 2023 draft probably makes it worth it.
  3. TSN Link: https://www.tsn.ca/calgary-flames-trade-sean-monahan-montreal-canadiens-1.1838109 Ok, so he's going on LTIR, but... the cap implications here. Why would we take this on? Doubts about Dach or insurance plan if he doesn't pan out. Seems like a lot of NHL-ready C on the roster.
  4. I can't remember who it was but i recall a wise comment when Pitlick was not tendered a QO that it didn't necessarily mean he wouldn't be back with us
  5. This leaves Savard, Wideman and Barron the right side. Not much else there in the cupboard. More to come to shore up the D i suppose.
  6. Happy to see Artturi get paid (at least not by us). Certainly some extra there for netting a few timely goals in the playoffs, no doubt.
  7. How is TB able to afford this type of money at term on these players? Cirelli is Selke material but hasn't cracked 50pts yet. Cernak is an often injured, sub-20 minute D. Holy smokes.
  8. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canadiens-agree-entry-level-contract-arsen-khisamutdinov/ 2019 6th round pick. Interesting. His KHL numbers are less than exciting, but same goes for Romanov.
  9. Is this guy a 2nd or 3rd pair player? He certainly got a nice raise for 4 days into free agency.
  10. Cap space is probably no longer an issue. Carolina will match. Aho's salary isn't of a concern anymore.
  11. There are infinite possibilities for trades out there. Dumping the contracts of Shaw and ND will provide added flexibility to getting a #1 or #2 LD. Toronto was weak on D and they they pulled off something for Barrie that no one really saw coming. I'm equally sure MB has the ability to also explore these types of options.
  12. Man, that's vicious. Tom Dundon must be livid.
  13. At 22 years old, i wouldn't say he's any further off than someone out of the NCAA
  14. https://www.tsn.ca/montreal-canadiens-sign-defenceman-otto-leskinen-to-entry-level-deal-1.1301904 He's a lefty, and looks to be offensive. Not sure if this is 100% guaranteed Laval assignment or if Otto has some legit chance of making the top 4. His numbers are good.
  15. @dlbalr - FYI, Nate is still listed as a UFA on the Free Agent Lists and not includes in the Recent Transaction section on the main homepage.
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