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  1. It sucks but i think all the speculation will light a huge fire under Gomez's ass, might as well let him play another season?
  2. Totally agreed, I have a feeling Grigs or Galchenyuk would be a perfect fit with the Habs.
  3. I like 53, it also represents the number of ladies i have in my bed right now
  4. +1 LOL Might as well have McGuire as GM, his head is clean and shiny
  5. After watching that it's quite apparent that PG is playing out the season and that whatever happens, happens. The cap space available will come in handy while trying to re-sign pending high priority UFAs at the end of the season. But yeah Trizz what a effin waste...
  6. Totally agreed, Kostitsyn is definitely an asset to the team that can get a good return if traded. However why not trade him to another team as a rental and since he's willing to re-sign in the off season with montreal for less then re-sign him?
  7. HWL will change your life.. join now and ill sex you up mmmmmmmmmm
  8. Go Habs Goooooooo! I hope the team can get out of this inconsistency slump!
  9. I have a feeling Recchi is going to have a career ending injury tonight
  10. Come on guys!! The season is going to start soon, don't miss out on your chance to pick up some great available teams that have a great chance at winning the cup this season!
  11. LOL! Sheesh man I thought the game was over for us when Mikko scored on that penalty shot, ouf the habs barely scraped out with those 2 points.
  12. Come on guys join!!!! You get to talk to fun ppl like me, so why wouldnt you join?????
  13. But with Mara back in MTL it's totally obvious why the habs didn't claim Souray off waivers.
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