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  1. Habs are gonna win it for sure!! GOOOO HABS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **Belfour Suckkkkksssssssssssssssssssss**
  2. Ohhh lol, well I guess thats some effective advertising eh Habs All The Way Babyy! :hlogo:
  3. lolll wow I didn't know that
  4. Amazing thread Spidey I looove it lol, Im sure the Habs'll come out strong in this one because this is going to be a true test. GOOOO HABS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  5. :hlogo: Woooot it's about time here's what the site has: "The Gazette brings you absolutely everything about the greatest hockey team in the world" Still don't have a clue? ->Daily updated news postings ->Multiple links to hockey sites (For the latest news from the Gazette and other papers) ->Mike Boone's EEEEEEEE-mail lol With bonus contributions ->Links to Red Fisher's Red Line (Reporting from the legendary hockey writer) ->Aaaaand the site lets you share your comments about the team, kinda like here I guess ->OH YEAH I almost forgot, Weekly podcasts with Pat Hickey and Jack Todd, rounding up the week in HabsWorld. Haabsss All The Way Babyyyy!!! :hlogo: Here's The Site>>The Montreal Gazette's Habsinsideout Webpage
  6. Im just happy and relieved Bouillon is back because now the pieces are picked up and The Habbies are improving their game now all we gotta wait for is Higgins andd then the Habs'll be unstoppable wooot!
  7. Agreed, The Habs need to work on preserving their leads lol, not making dumb mistakes (staying out of the penalty box) and the offense needs to generate at least 10 goals per game jkss hahaa the goaltending from The Cristowall is spectacular what else can I say, oh yeah Abby needs to pick up his game Habs Allll The Way Babyy!
  8. LOL Oh God so far ive voted around 8 times
  9. It's goin to be intense for sure lol HABS ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT
  10. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooot! Habss All The Wayy Baaaabyy! They'll win this one for suree
  11. The Habs'll win this one for sure! Habs All The Way Baby!!
  12. Hey all you Leaf haters I was surfin the web when I came by a couple of really funny songs alot of you guys must've already heard em but still, enjoy! Habs All The Way Baby! 1) I Am A Leafs Fan (We Are The Champions Parody) I Am A Leafs Fan Song 2) All The Leafs Stink (Blink 182 Copy & Parody) Leafs Stink Song 3) Leafs Suck! (Outkast "Hey Ya" Parody) Utkast Leafs Suck! Song 4) Idiot Nation (Zombie Nation Parody?) Idiot Nation Song By The Way feel free to add in any other enemy team put down songs lol
  13. Im sure Theo will play cuz for starts it's his first game against his ex team soo yup, i hope he'll play too cuz after we'll get to see his mask lol ~Habs All The Way Baby~
  14. lolll this is soo jkss we should have a permanent "Don Cherry is a stupid **** thread" and talk about how his Coach's corner bull was really stupid, what a random thread by me but what the heck. Habs All The Way Baby!
  15. LOLLLLL is it finally over? well everyone just kinda repeated and repeated what i said at first soo yeahh anyway let's wish the habs a great season and also just all of you watch the cup's coming home, soon...
  16. Hmm just to remind you we can't forget what Cristobal Huet did for all us Habs fans and of course the team itself last season, because of him we for sure got to the playoffs. I would say Aebischer is doin an amazin job between the pipes and is keeping the team together. Slotting him in as the #1 Goalie isn't really a priority right now, but I agree that Aebishcher should be getting alot more time in net and im sure we'll be seeing him alot more because of his really good performances. I say Huet & Abby all the way :hlogo:
  17. lollllllll too jkss it made my day
  18. We all hope Saku gets better and for all the people losing hope its still a bit too early to say anything. Koivu beat out his cancer times and im sure he'll beat out this damn eye injury get well CaptainK
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