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  1. What am I going to do for 5 days? Haha I have the solution lets grab our controllers and play some hardcore NHL 06 or sure you could also play 2K6 but go for NHL 06!! If u dont have it rent it. Duh :hlogo::hlogo::hlogo: [Edited on 2005/12/8 by blaze53]
  2. It's a pretty good bargain make the deal!
  3. cool picks I agree that we could use this lineup and see how it goes
  4. Ohhk thanks waking me up there "glorieux" I promise I wont say any comments that would go against the Habs again.
  5. Talking about dissallowed goals Im not saying that Jan Bulis' goal against the LA Kings should've been dissallowed but everyone saw the replay and everyone knows that the net came off first before the puck got a chance to hit the net. Anyways Im happy that it counted!!
  6. Aw man I forgot about the week off now I have to wait till next saturday. Dammit
  7. Personally I dont think Patrick Roy would be booed at the Bell Centre because unlike before when he played for the Canadiens now people look at him like a hero and seeing him return to Montreal would make a great amount of people really happy maybe also more tickets will be sold at the Bell. [Edited on 2005/12/2 by blaze53]
  8. Is it just me or was I right when I said that the Sens would run out of gas sooner or later. Im really lost at how the Boston Bruins broke a 6 game losing streak against the Senators and also shut them out. What happened to the #1 Ottawa Senators the most dominating team this season? Why couldnt this happen sooner [Edited on 2005/12/2 by blaze53] [Edited on 2005/12/2 by blaze53]
  9. I wonder what Latendresse is doing right now, anyone know?
  10. HaHa he's probably dreaming about coming back and winning the stanley cup for us
  11. They'll run out of gas sooner or later but for the meantime they dominate the new My NHL
  12. We all feel really bad for Komisarek lets show some support for our Canadien
  13. We all know something is wrong with Montreal's defense and without Andrei Markhov for 2 more games it will be pretty hard for the habs and we know that following the 4-0 loss against the Sens. What should we do?:hlogo:
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