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  1. With the exception of all those penalties, if they play with that much intensity every night, they will succeed.
  2. So if Julien is such a god, why couldn't he get the Habs going last year? Now he has a top team in the league. Therrien was at fault and now he has the hottest team in the league. Vigneault was a bum but now he has turned the Canucks into a strong consistent team. Wake up buddy! It's the players. Carbo does some weird things, but the last four coaches have all tried to energize the habs. When the habs slump it's ugly, but as Kozed said, it's the leaders and role players that are failing, not Carbo. They have to work hard, they have to play disciplined, and they have to play the system that the entire coaching staff has bought into. (Including Gainey) The Devils are so good for 3 reasons. Brodeur, Brodeur, and they all play the same system. They are stingy, disciplined, and opportunistic when the other team makes a mistake out of frustration. The Devils have played this way for 15 years. Julien is a good coach, but in the end it's up to the team to perform. Not the coach.
  3. Are you Lindenfan from the old ESPN message board? You are a friggen negative guy. Higgy will put up points as he gets more aggressive. I've been watching him transform over the last 4 games, and I think he will be fine.
  4. I hate to be positive after a game like this, but here goes. Habs will win their next game. From what I heard on the radio and saw in the third, we played very well. Emery won this game. We have bad luck in the first as well. Bad bounces, bad reffing...these things all contribute to a loss. I think there will be some wins in our near future.
  5. What did I tell you last game. A little fu*&%cking luck would be nice right now!
  6. I wish I could watch this. I'm at work. Got the game on cjad though.
  7. Crosby has played for 2 years, and he is by far the best player in the NHL. He is always trying to learn and will learn from his own mistakes. I think he is the best thing to happen to the NHL since Stevie Y. He will probably never become a habs either, so forget about it.
  8. Sitting in a Pub in Prince George B.C. amongst a bar full of L A fans. I didn't get beat up, and I'm suprised, because I couldn't contain my excitement.
  9. Ninimaa has been playing well lately, and with Markov day to day, it's the right decision.
  10. They won't trade Stoll unless they are really desparate
  11. Not to whip a dead horse or anyhting, but since when is 47 games 98% of a season? Anyway, I like him, but I just think he's hurt too much.
  12. YEAR TEAM GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG SPCT PPG PPA SHG SHA GWG GTG ATOI PROD 1994-1995 QUE 47 15 35 50 17 16 86 17.4 3 12 0 1 3 0 -- -- 1995-1996 COL 82 30 86 116 26 47 217 13.8 7 32 3 4 3 0 -- -- 1996-1997 COL 65 28 58 86 31 73 188 14.9 5 21 4 3 4 0 -- -- 1997-1998 COL 72 25 66 91 6 94 202 12.4 7 30 3 0 7 1 -- -- 1998-1999 COL 78 30 67 97 27 108 217 13.8 9 28 2 4 7 0 -- -- 1999-2000 COL 49 14 37 51 9 52 105 13.3 3 12 0 0 2 0 -- -- 2000-2001 COL 73 27 62 89 23 54 178 15.2 12 24 2 4 5 0 -- -- 2002-2003 COL 75 29 77 106 52 70 166 17.5 8 25 0 0 2 0 19:20 13:40 2003-2004 COL 39 18 37 55 16 30 85 21.2 3 21 1 0 5 0 19:12 13:37 2005-2006 PHI 60 19 56 75 21 46 132 14.4 8 24 1 0 2 0 18:47 15:01 2006-2007 PHI 38 10 27 37 0 70 61 16.4 4 13 0 0 1 0 17:41 18:09 Career -- 678 245 608 853 228 660 1637 15.0 69 242 16 16 41 1 -- -- 10 seasons and 5 of them were half seasons. His numbers are great when he plays, but... He's a band-aid
  13. Let's not forget that all the teams that caught up to and passed us are hot right now. They will start to slow down, and as long as we can get going sometime soon, the team should be OK. I know the playoff race is extremely close, but I will reiterate what many have said. It's nice to be crying about slumps and sliding from 4th to 6th compared to passed years, where we whined about slumps and slid from 9th to 12th.
  14. I wish him the best. I don't know why, but I've always liked him. Not because of his play, but he seems like a nice guy. Now it's time to play. :hlogo:
  15. I feel the same way. The unfortunate thing is that he probably won't be the same Begin for about 10 games. Let's hope his back is good and he won't have to favour it. I've noticed that Higgy doesn't fly into the boards after the puck anymore. He holds back.
  16. You know it's really too bad what I have been seeing lately. Montreal looked really good in the first. A few bad bounces and a crappy goal in the first and they are done. If the puck goes in in the first ten minutes when the Canadiens were actually trying, this is a different game. Man, we need some luck too. I know we played like crap in the second and third, but this team has no freakin confidence. We need a little luck too. I think maybe Carbo should forget about benching guys for a while too. It isn't working. I would have rather seen Sammy out there on the first line than Ryder. But I guess you can't reward whining. I think the guys need some positive vibes in the locker room.
  17. Not a first liner? Who is then? Koivu is the best player on the team. Plain and simple.
  18. Given the proper grooming from some brilliant 2 way players, like oh...I don't know Jarvis, Gainey, carbo, or Muller, I think Lappiere has a bright future as a habs. It might not be a bad thing either. I agree that Souray may go, but I worry about the PP without him.
  19. Ya but he'll think twice next time he tries flying down the left side. It's like Pavlov. " Everytime I skate hard down the left side, my ribs hurt."
  20. Absolutely right. I don't know why he isn't shooting from there more often. His quick release from the left circle foils a lot of goalies.
  21. That is exactly what Souray was talking about in his interview after the game yesterday. Too many players are stepping up their game when the win is practically in the bag, and they aren't showing character and stepping it up when they really need to.
  22. You might be right. I looked at his stats and they are very good for a 3rd year player. The problem is, Lowe knows what he's got, so you can forget it unless you want to deal Souray or Markov. I still say Morrison would cost less and still be very effective. I meant he was equal to Plex in a few years, but I guess I am wrong about that.
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