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  1. OK, maybe we can't trade him... haha. I just watched Souray score his 20th. WOOOT
  2. They are showing some spirit. We need a goal so they don't lose it. Bulldog offense...
  3. OK, now we are trading Koivu. WTF? Koivu is the captain and will be till he retires. Quit trying to blame individuals. Saku is not playing well, but neither are the other 20 or so on the roster. I can think of two players who played well through this whole slump. Bonk and Plekaneck. (spelling) When the Habs are doing well, you guys will all think he is a great captain again. Why does everyone want to pick up Forsberg, who has 170 points in the last 3 seasons, and now guys are talking about trading Koivu, who has 171 points in the last 3 seasons? I guarantee you will pay more for Forsberg. I realize that Forsberg really is a better player, but who knows how he will play with the habs. Over the last 30 years, I have seen a lot of stars come to the Canadiens, and step their game way down. I don't know why this happens, but I have a few ideas as to why. NO MORE NONSENSE ABOUT TRADING KOIVU
  4. 170 pts in a possible 246 games isn't that great. Kovy has 171 pts in the last 3 years and Koivu has 188. He missed 107 games in the last 3 years. I don't care about pts per game, I care about pts per season. Forsberg is a freakin band-aid. End of story
  5. I'm sorry, but I don't see it. He was good with Bonk and Johnson, but I have to be honest. He seems to be alergic to the boards. He doesn't have the heart you guys say he does. 2 years is up. That's enough pissing around.
  6. He's very important to the PP, he has a nose for the net, and I'm pretty confident that if he wanted, he could destroy most guys in the league in a fight. (Evertime he fights the other guy's blood is everywhere), but I hate him defensively. I also think we could could actually get something for him. He's probably worth more than any -13 player in the league. Personally I would trade him. We'll probably lose him anyway in the summer.
  7. I would play him. We can't do any worse. Abby looked like crap last night. Big juicy rebounds like crazy. It also really bothers me how easily we let the team fly into our zone. WTF? Our coaching staff is full the greatest defensive forwards of our time, and we let this happen game after game. Maybe with a rookie goalie, the team will play tighter defensively. You never know, he might light it up too.
  8. He's just one guy who is slumping. The whole team, with the exception of 1 or 2 a night, is playing like s*&t. You are 100% right. The day Carbo stops benching, and everyone stops looking for scapegoats.
  9. I agree Cataclaw. Montreal is so unlucky lately. And I think they need some luck right now. One lucky bounce early in the first and I bet they can win. Right now they don't have the confidence .
  10. I had a pic with Komi looking at the goalie while the whole bench is looking the other way and cheering. It was hilareous. If anyone knows where it is, please post it on this thread.
  11. Wow, this guy is a ######. Every Habs fan stated the seriousness of the Perez slash, and said that it was unacceptable. This ###### should be locked up so he doesn't hurt anyone.
  12. With the exception of all those penalties, if they play with that much intensity every night, they will succeed.
  13. So if Julien is such a god, why couldn't he get the Habs going last year? Now he has a top team in the league. Therrien was at fault and now he has the hottest team in the league. Vigneault was a bum but now he has turned the Canucks into a strong consistent team. Wake up buddy! It's the players. Carbo does some weird things, but the last four coaches have all tried to energize the habs. When the habs slump it's ugly, but as Kozed said, it's the leaders and role players that are failing, not Carbo. They have to work hard, they have to play disciplined, and they have to play the system that the entire coaching staff has bought into. (Including Gainey) The Devils are so good for 3 reasons. Brodeur, Brodeur, and they all play the same system. They are stingy, disciplined, and opportunistic when the other team makes a mistake out of frustration. The Devils have played this way for 15 years. Julien is a good coach, but in the end it's up to the team to perform. Not the coach.
  14. Are you Lindenfan from the old ESPN message board? You are a friggen negative guy. Higgy will put up points as he gets more aggressive. I've been watching him transform over the last 4 games, and I think he will be fine.
  15. I hate to be positive after a game like this, but here goes. Habs will win their next game. From what I heard on the radio and saw in the third, we played very well. Emery won this game. We have bad luck in the first as well. Bad bounces, bad reffing...these things all contribute to a loss. I think there will be some wins in our near future.
  16. What did I tell you last game. A little fu*&%cking luck would be nice right now!
  17. I wish I could watch this. I'm at work. Got the game on cjad though.
  18. Crosby has played for 2 years, and he is by far the best player in the NHL. He is always trying to learn and will learn from his own mistakes. I think he is the best thing to happen to the NHL since Stevie Y. He will probably never become a habs either, so forget about it.
  19. Sitting in a Pub in Prince George B.C. amongst a bar full of L A fans. I didn't get beat up, and I'm suprised, because I couldn't contain my excitement.
  20. Ninimaa has been playing well lately, and with Markov day to day, it's the right decision.
  21. They won't trade Stoll unless they are really desparate
  22. Not to whip a dead horse or anyhting, but since when is 47 games 98% of a season? Anyway, I like him, but I just think he's hurt too much.
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