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  1. This one might be on too late for me. Will watch the first and judge if it is worth wrecking my day. I am expecting two fast teams, stretch passes and lots of scoring chances. If Torks is up for it, I predict Habs 4 Oils 1. Go Have Go
  2. Great topic. I could never say which team was better, but I will say that the 89 team is one of my favorite hockey watching memories. ...until now?
  3. I do not think Dustin would have cleared waivers. I wish all the best for Peter, except vs the habs, in which I hopes he lays an egg. I can not wait to see this 'new' team hit the ice.
  4. The fact we get to enjoy debating which of our young d should make this team makes me giddy. Depth. Drafting d and waiting dividends takes time, but paying off now. This teams long term plan is starting to show. Thanks for all the effort over the years F.B. but it is now time to bring in the youth.
  5. Obiviously I am pleased about the record to start the season. However, I am just as excited that watching the Habs have become interesting again. I don't know what happened to this team last year but I am really glad it (appears) to have come to an end. Lets hear it for work ethic and desire to win!
  6. There are some players who want to prove their spot. Carbo keeps them hungery. Go Habs Go. Habs 4 Cats 1
  7. Does anyone think that the coach/GM Price agruement was created to take some of the press off of Price and put directly on the staff? Try to protect the young guy for as long as possible? Bob is shifty like that or maybe I watch too many movies.
  8. After watching the Habs on Wed and the Leafs on Thursday, we could get beating up bad. The Habs have no flow. They didn't deserve to beat a bad playing 'Canes. I just hope the Leafs are tired from their busy sched. We are going to need more games before there is flow to the offense. Too many new faces and people learning each other's game. I do not think the defense is good enough to bail them out of every game.
  9. I hate to be the guy to burst this happy winning bubble but someone has to. My oponion of the game. Yuck. There was no flow. The team played terrible together. They had a tought time controlling the flow. This, against a Hurricane team that was not playing very well. If we keep this type of game we are going to get our asses handed to us by ToRoto. We got lucky last night. On the upside, Huet looked great. Breeze-by did well. Streit was great. Koivu played as a captain should. Can you pratice chemistry? I hope so.
  10. It has been too long. The lines look great. I just hope they blend. Go Habs Go It has been too long. The lines look great. I just hope they blend. Go Habs Go
  11. O'Byrne Big, smart, and fast. He seems to know his position. I felt a couple of his hits from where I was sitting. He is all the talk around the cooler Wed morn
  12. O'Byrne He used his size well, his hits looked punishing, he stayed in position and there was one play that his speed shone. He made a break into the opposing zone with looked like ease. He has no golden hands, but that is not his position. I like this kid a lot.
  13. Spider, I like the sparkles on the front page. I don't know how this game is going to turn out. I can tell you without a doubt how the Leafs/Flyers came is going to unwind. The Leafs, although medicore at best, play hard and playing hard against a crappy team usually results in a win. If the Habs do not win against this Bruin team, I do not know if they deserve a spot in the big show. This IS the playoffs. My stomach is turning justing thinking about how much this game means. F%$king Go Habs Go.
  14. I think they will make the playoffs. Not so much because of their play, but because of the compitetion. However, slaughtered and embarrassed in the first round.
  15. Win or lose, the Habs are coming at this game hard. If they s*%t the bed on this game and play with a lackluster effort, it is time to start the fire sale. With all the young talent, the Habs may not win, but it sure better be fun to watch. GO Habs GO!
  16. Gainey's hands may also be tied. Everything that I have read is that with the tax situation and the intense media scrutinty, it may cost more to get players to come here. So it may just seem like he is consently paying over asking price. May be the sad facts of managing the Montreal Canadiens.
  17. Skating fast, working hard, chasing pucks, backchecking, setting up opportunities and great puck control. The only thing missing from his game is goal-scoring. I have a feeling that is coming soon. Does anyone still think that Sammy has no place on this team?
  18. The leafs may still be reeling from their 8-2 loss from Pit. Here is to hoping their confidence is crap and we walk all over them. Go Habs Go.
  19. I don't want to take the wind out of everyone's sails, but the bottom line is that 45 shots is horrible. We can not expect Huet to play that every night. We need to tighten up our defense. It works for now, but if we ran into goaltender problems, the Habs would quickly fall off the map. However, a win is a win and I am in a better mood.
  20. Take three hours to drive to Ottawa and spending $125 on a ticket. No, I was not happy to watch the Habs lally gag, give up the puck, and looked generally bored as if being down by 6 goals in the first 25 minutes is something they can bounce back from. I felt like turning my shirt inside out. This doesn't help, it just esculates whatever funk they are going through. I fear that there may be a stretch of disinterested play.
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