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  1. If I recall properly, Emelin was drafted under the old CBA and would have been making more than 900 000$.
  2. Pavelec doesn't have an excellent defense in front of him but the team plays an effective system to clean out the crap around the net. He has players around him who made sure there were a little loose rebounds as possible and were doing a decent job protecting the goalie. Price didn't get as good as treatment either. The defenders were caught off position so many times and led to way too many odd man rushes. Rich Peverley isn't supposed to come in the Habs defensive zone and skate all over everyone and pass the puck like Gretzky.
  3. Psst Nilan, Price stole for the first 2 games of the season.
  4. Might as well throw in the collusion between big oil companies and the tobacco industry.
  5. I don't think we can blame Carey for everything. No offense Kovalev I don't know if you got an axe to grind against Price but you seem to have thin patience with the guy. He was rattled after goals and that's a mental aspect he needs to improve for sure. I just don't want to blame the guy entirely cause honestly where the hell was his defense tonight. It was quite sad to see.
  6. Someone like Alex Henry who makes big bucks in the AHL makes about 200 000$ a year but that doesn't include taxes and living expenses. KHL players don't get taxed on their salary and the majority, if not all teams, also pay for their players living expenses. Look no further than Emelin, he would have been making like 80 000$ in the AHL instead of the 350 000$ he was rumored to make in the KHL. Quite the difference.
  7. Way deeper than what most people think.
  8. Hmmm what's up with the Price comments. Geez relax guys, you're all throwing this guy under the bus so fast. Frankly, I hope Price gets the start next game. Halak played fine tonight but if the roles were reversed for tonight's performance, it would be enough for people to say to start Halak next game.
  9. Honestly, this loss still makes me sour. I'm happy that this team is PISSED about their loss tonight if you listen to the post game comments. Some guys have to step it up cause this isn't a 500 team, IMO it can do way better than this.
  10. I wouldn't throw Price under the bus here, he did his job in my opinion and did nice saves throughout the night. That last goal might look like a routine shot but it was Kane with the puck (and no cover) making a nice pass to Sharp in the slot and one-timed it.
  11. Wow what a ridiculous game. It's getting real frustrating to watch this team play. They had a golden chance to win in cause it got miraculously tied in the second period. They're facing a Hawks team that was tired and they blew it in the third, so many turnovers and stupid passes. FYI, someone should tell the players that you ALWAYS keep an eye on the teams star players. You'd think they would have learned a lesson after giving Crosby a hat trick but I saw the same thing with Pat Kane tonight, giving him so much space.
  12. Agreed, that's the main misconception. People assume because of his size that he HAS to throw hits all the time but it's not his style of play. As for who's going to get benched when Markov and O'Byrne come back, I'm not exactly worried about that. With the current defense group, it would be much wise to let O'Byrne and Markov both rest up and only come to play when they are 100% each since the Habs have a nice opportunity to ensure these guys come back stronger than ever on the ice. By the time the team does ice a full defensive unit, things might have changed via trades or injuries so it's not exactly worth scrambling our heads for right now.
  13. I'm not a huge Hal Gill fan but I'm not throwing the guy under the bus yet. I didn't like the signing but the guy has one major flaw and it's his skating. He plays so simple and so effective. That's the problem, he has some flaws but has no pizazz to detract those flaws because he plays such a simple and effective game. He just uses his reach to get the puck and uses his body effectively to stop guys. If he threw out more hits, we wouldn't be having this discussion cause we would all be saying "we'll he's a big physical d-man, so what if he's slow, we pair him up with someone who can complement him."
  14. That would be an awesome idea Sakiqc.
  15. Well that's the problem, no one takes the time to sit down and think to see if the rumor is true. Everyone is so caught up on trying to be THE guy to break a story about the Habs and that's just a recipe for bad journalism if you don't fact check. It's almost as if no one wants to be an honest journalist anymore, they just want to sell papers to the masses. Edit: Not to forget about bloggers who are trying to build a reputation as well. It's quite the vicious circle.
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