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  1. WE PLAY AS A TEAM Individual recognition will be gained by getting the job done as a team WE PLAY HARD FOR THE FULL 60 MINUTES shift by shift intensity WE ARE COMMITED TO SHORT HARD SHIFTS 40 seconds all out effort WE WILL STAY ON THE POSITIVE SIDE OF OUR EMOTIONS team discipline in avoiding unnecessary penalties WE WILL OUTWORK OUR OPPONENTS IN SPECIAL TEAM SITUATIONS maintain or create momentum WE RECOGNIZE THAT SOLID TEAM DEFENSE WILL HELP US CREATE OFFENSE tight gaps front and back by working for position WE MAKE THE PUCK WORK FOR US authoritative puck movement with strong play at the lines and solid puck strength low in the zone WE PLAY OUR GAME establish our tempo and physical pressence early GO HABS GO :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:
  2. Rien ne va plus, tabrnk! Wake up boys, wake up! Garnett? I thought something was wrong when most of the goalies we played looked really good. But now Garnett. Come on! It's time to wake up. :hlogo:
  3. Anybody out there playing EA NHL 06 PS2 online? :hlogo:
  4. Yep, time for Komi to get his first NHL-goal. Does anybody know why he only played 5'41" against Washington? :hlogo: Go Habs Go :hlogo:
  5. Off topic: Heb zojuist een berichtje gestuurd maar ben niet zeker of je het goed ontvangen hebt. Moet deze nieuwe layout nog wat gewoon worden. Klopt het dat Matt Higgins tussen je favoriete spelers staat, of moet dat christopher zijn? Uit nieuwsgierigheid, groeten mathieug
  6. My hometeam: http://Standard.Tibo.be/ check out Les vidéos Standard - Anderlecht (1 ère partie) damn hackers, mathieug
  7. Earlier today I picked up my new RBK custom made :hlogo: goalie equipment. Boy oh boy. Can't wait any longer to get on the ice. mathieug, damn hackers
  8. Merry Christmas Joyeux Noel Here's hoping Santa will bring back my 360 posts Happy holidays, mathieug
  9. I missed last nights game due to a game. Can someone please explain to me why Komi played only 5'41"? Thanks mathieu30 AKA mathieug, d@mn hackers :hlogo:
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