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  1. Nice to se some life but just saw a perfect example of the problem with Weber…


    break out play and he just stands there while the leafs get in position then tries a long bomb pass which of course didn’t work.., no skating,,, didn’t carry the puck and get the team moving up and THE Leafs bAcking up.. just waited until everyone was stopped…

  2. 29 minutes ago, Commandant said:


    You should put your best lineup out there..  and if you think its only about third pairing d that we have complained about with this coaching staff, you arent paying attention

    My point is that it doesn’t matter up and down the lineup.. I wouldn’t put out the “best lineup”. I would put out the kids and core we are going with To give them a chance and see what they can do. I think they are just as likely to win and even if they don’t, we got something more then playing aging veterans who are not going to be part of the go forward plan.

  3. It doesn’t matter much.., you could pick names from a hat with this roster and you are not going to come up a team better then the leafs..


    my main issue is we should be playing the kids for experience. The fact ThaT they think swapping about some third line D is the answer shows how out of touch they are… 

  4. I am not sure why people are surprised.  The leafs are a much much better team then the Habs… they have far more talent and the point totals show it…


    yes, the habs can upset, bUt that would be the surprise.. the habs need more young talent to build around.

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  5. 4 hours ago, DON said:

    So, by shipping out Tatar & Danault and with Gallagher out of commission, you obviously are looking to TANK TANK TANK!!! 



    Yes... I would have tried to unload price and Weber for prospects and picks... but it will never happen. 

    Bergevin does just enough to be on the bubble and getting nowhere. If he thinks that trade was all we needed to compete he is smoking something powerful.

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