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  1. Could it bE because it was like four to six players..
  2. Finally someone goes to the net and a defenceman hits the net
  3. Good lord.. kulak behind the net and not a single Hab player goes to the slot… 🙄
  4. Lightning are playing to win… habs are playing not to lose… ugh..
  5. Well the refs are not calling everything after all. 😡
  6. Playing with fire with all the penalties… back to square one..
  7. Jeez… another penalty… come on guys… no need for it either..
  8. Big PK… refs are calling the game like it is regular season, which is fine by me but the players have tO adjust.
  9. To be fair they haven’t called that shit all series… new ref…
  10. That is the way… get in his face…no goal but show him no respect!!!
  11. Tampa looks fast, sharp and they smell blood… they are not sitting back but trying to end this now.. and there is the first goal..woot!!! I was about to say the only positive was Price was keeping them in the game..
  12. Lineup changes are minor tinkering. The keys to this game very simple. Price needs to step up and have a great game. The rest of them need to make vasilesky life hell… get in his grill.. get pucks on net.. and don’t let him see what is coming. if tHey can do those things they can beat Tampa..
  13. Well it will take a miracle to come back in this series.. history doesn’t bode well going down two games in the final….
  14. I hate to be negative but I just don’t see it… the lightning are having an off game and still winning. I think the talent difference is just too much…
  15. Unreal…all that work and they blow it with less then a second…
  16. What is going on with price tonight and mishandling tHe puck? Looking like fleury at times
  17. No one expected the rolling backhand… everyone expected the pass for a blast from the D… sneaky
  18. Best shift so far.., offensive pressure and several good shots with a screen… keep playing like that and they will score.
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