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  1. Soft penalty but they are calling it much better tonigHt… missed one high stick but I think they just missed it.
  2. Still pretty sloppy… the third line seems to be getting their play going.
  3. Vegas is pushing but the habs don’t look sharp… lots of bad passes and giveaways… they need to get their legs moving.
  4. This pp needs to pick up… an early goal would really help kill any early momentum by Vegas..
  5. Fun y how well we do when they call the penalties let’s get a fourth..
  6. It was the follow thru of a shot… it was reviewable due to it being four minutes..
  7. Well hopefully the boys can generate more then one goal tonight… it would be great if our D could be a bit more dangerous… it would open up more room for the forwards
  8. One goal isn’t enough… the D need to start getting some shots on net and at least pulling the forwards out a bit… boys are in tough now..
  9. Well that sucked but I felt the habs sat back too much in the third. Vegas had the legs the last period and the overtime..
  10. The habs D really need to contribute a bit more offensively…
  11. Wow…punch right to the face… no call… right in front of him… seriously… how is this guy a ref still… been watching his shit for years
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