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  1. Trade Plekanec. That would be ######ed.
  2. I think they wouldn't let him trade Halak.
  3. Does anyone know if CBC is streaming todays Habs-Bruins game today?
  4. What to do with PLekanec?????? Jesus wept. Friggin sign him.
  5. Two things: With three francophones on the team, Gainey will not trade Lapierre. He sure doesn't look like the same player. Chipchara never did a thing for me, never saw anything he did to even be in the league. When I saw that play the other night I thought buh-bye Chips. He was sent to the West Coast faster than Bouchard was after being pummelled by Stan Jonathan. I am still puzzled by Timmins, when I knew him with the Sens he was strictly a gofer, arranging players cars, housing arrangements. Always struck me as the weirdest promotion.
  6. Bu-bye Chips. Is there no one on this team that can shoot from the point? Or stand in front of the net? They need another defenceman to eat some minutes. Can we get Boullion back? As least he could carry the puck over the centre ice line plus the occasional body check.
  7. Gui! hasn't reported to the Wild yet. A delay in obtaining his visa. I guess he has to go to the net to get one.
  8. Who doesn't get a steady dose of Pierre McGuire???? One thing I have noticed is ever since he left Mtl he has a hardon for the Habs. To me it sounds personal on some level. Can't believe an NHL team would be ######ed enough to hire him.
  9. OK....... WTF was Martin doing with MAB and OB on with 2minutes left!!!!!!!
  10. http://www.habsinsideout.com/boone
  11. Will Carey Price actually win/steal a game?????
  12. And basically a bag of crap since then. That was a long time ago. Do you think the guy we saw tonight had an excellent defense? Or when he stopped 50 shots in Ottawa.
  13. Agreed. Hasnt stolen a game since early last year. Too many people make excuses for him on this site. He is not the same guy that was once considered for Team Canada. He used to be cool and unflappable. That seems to be gone. I think it is upstairs.
  14. Your out to lunch bud. Hell dont take my word for it. Listen to Murray Wilson who has forgotten more hockey than either of us will know. He is a perfectly adequate defenceman. He is not the problem on defence, it is the fact that we have too many "sixth" defenceman. You are picking on the wrong guy.
  15. I see Kozed has a new whipping boy in Josh Gorges. He is the least of our problems on D. Works his ass off every night.
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