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  1. Hope to see the boys on the attack more, and scoring 3+ would be nice. Let's take the Jets out fast, and rest up while the Avs and Knights beat the hell out of each other.
  2. Now that the high of the win has worn off, I can't help but wonder if we should be a little concerned about only scoring one goal last night. We can't expect Carey to pitch shoutouts and 1s ever night (can we?)...I hope to see more time spent on the attack when the boys get back home, and a goal to get Anderson and/or Caufield going would be great. (These concerns came to mind as I watched the bonkers pace in the Avs/Knights game)
  3. Winnipeg has to feel defeated mentally; lost both home games, #1 and #2 centers out, and Price dialed in.
  4. Let's not get crazy...while I love our chances against the Jets now, I don't like our chances against the Avs at all.
  5. DOPS actually did their job...colour me pleasantly surprised.
  6. Shouldn't we have heard news about the Scheifele hearing by now? I assumed the NHL DOPS operated during Eastern time zone business hours, since NHL HQ is in New York.
  7. Webs intentionally launching the bomb into Scheifele's crotch would be a nice start to the street justice...progress from there if he isn't neutered.
  8. If he isn't tossed for several games, we need to take him out for the series. Break a stick on his ankle...whatever.
  9. If that's how the league plays it, you headhunt Scheifele until he gets carried off. It's the only way. This CANNOT go completely unpunished.
  10. If he's not suspended someone needs to hurt that sonofabitch
  11. Survived the dreaded 2nd period with 2-goal lead in tact...I'm happy with that outcome.
  12. They damn well better be calling any hits with arms even remotely elevated when the Jets do it too.
  13. As long as they call it the same way if Price gets contact, I'm ok with it.
  14. That was a hell of an opening period...really should be 3-0, Winnipeg's only goal being a gift. We need to stay out of the box from here on out.
  15. He consistently disappears in the playoffs...you have to move him if your goal is to build a team that makes it out of the first round.
  16. I've posted every meme and talked all the trash I can talk on Facebook now. That felt SO GOOD....hope we meet them again in the playoffs soon!
  17. Anyone else bombing Facebook with trash talk, Leafs choker/loser memes, ect? By God does it feel good!!!
  18. The nexst 5min is going to seem like an eternity.
  19. I have 15mg of it in me...not taking the edge off.
  20. Nice quick little move by Caufield to draw the penalty
  21. We need to cut down on the icings...it's going to burn us eventually.
  22. Gallagher shows up, and Price looks dialed the F*** in!
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