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  1. I'm going to miss the first few minutes of this game, because I'll be tuned into Leafs-Rangers to see if Rempe and Reaves drop the gloves right off the hop. Hoping for a Reaves loss, and a solid performance from our first line tonight featuring a goal (or two) from 22.
  2. Pettersson signed: https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/39638084/canucks-sign-elias-pettersson-eight-year-928m-extension
  3. I'm glad that the top of the draft is heavy on D-men. Hopefully the teams that finish below us are targeting them, leaving the best shooter available for us to snag. Scoring is our greatest need at this point by a mile.
  4. Crummy game to watch with the usual suspects being passengers. Gallagher had his blind squirrel finding a nut moment, but promptly erased it with his lazy d zone play that gifted NJ a goal. Potentially good for the tank though...let's hope the Sens win tonight.
  5. That was a fun one...the only thing that kept it from being perfect was 22 not scoring a goal.
  6. Solid asset management. There will be a slide without him, but that's a good thing when you're not making the playoffs anyways.
  7. He's constantly losing physical battles in his own end, and looking like he's lost when the pressure is on. I don't know what stat measured him being great, but the eye test tells me something different about him multiple times per game.
  8. The break from Harris wasn't nearly long enough. He still stinks.
  9. That offensive explosion was fun to watch. Gallagher really shit the bed with that senseless head shot, and yes he needs to pick up the tab for his teammates some night in exchange for bailing him out.
  10. That's the level of effort coming off of back to back blowout losses?! Sad.
  11. Thank God Barron is gone and Wifi is back. Barron has been terrible, and we've been too soft around our net and in general since Wifi left.
  12. Wifi is NHL ready given the right partner, just needs to be mindful of penalties. We desperately need his strength in and around our net, as opponents are camping out there without consequence and scoring easily and often. Mailloux, no...he needs the seasoning in Laval, but I'd sure as hell give Kovacevic a shot again based on how absolutely useless both Barron and Harris look lately.
  13. They deserve to have an even dozen hung on them tonight.
  14. I'm losing faith in coach/GM over the sad state of our blueline; their refusal to make lineup changes is an exercise in stubborn stupidity at this point.
  15. He and Barron have both looked weak for a long time now....why they continually play while Kovacevic languishes in the pressbox and Wifi is left in Laval is beyond me.
  16. I've seen enough of Barron....he has been stinking it up for weeks now. Soft...constantly getting pushed around, losing puck battles, and messing up clearing chances. He needs a one way ticket to Laval, and he can take Armia with him. Recall Wifi immediately.
  17. Attaboy Slaf....another strong game, a scrap, and the shootout winner.
  18. Sabres taking liberties out there...I want The Sherrif back in the lineup
  19. So happy for Josh Anderson; hopefully now he can relax and score at something resembling a regular clip for him. Slaf looked good tonight...offered up a glimpse into what he might become once fully developed.
  20. Monty has made some beauty saves, and Newhook is having himself a game!
  21. Gallagher back to looking like a total bum tonight: -2, and cost us a point with the idiotic double minor late in the game. He should watch the Boston game from the pressbox.
  22. There were some great saves made, but there were also too many high/wide shots on great chances that let Markstrom off the hook. Agreed...he makes big mistakes far too often.
  23. Sigh...the lack of shooters who can finish on any regular basis bites us again.
  24. Total no-show by the team...the bums deserve to be bag skated at 7am tomorrow morning.
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