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  1. AMEN! I can't believe we're locked into Koivu (we'll call him Papa Smurf, as he's the longest serving and the leader of the Smurfs) for another 3 years at top dollar. I just hope Bob has the sense to sign a quality free-agent center with some size in the offseason...it should be his top priority. Anytime I watch a Sharks game, I look at Thornton and fantasize that there could be some chain of events that would land him in a Habs jersey. I can only imagine how many goals Kovalev would rack up having a top-notch playmaker with size centering his line.
  2. We definitely need him to make the PP work.
  3. Anyone else notice that NHL.com lags behind many other sports news sites for scores? How is that possible? You'd think they'd have the most direct information pipeline... Shootout for Boston and Atlanta
  4. Koivu is hardly the only problem, but he's the most glaring problem. This is compounded by the fact that he is supposed to be the leader of the team, and great leaders lead by example.
  5. He hasn't scored in 19 games...that's a LOOOONG slump! But, know what? If he was out there working his ass off at both ends, and making smart plays with the puck to spring other guys, it wouldn't be such a big deal. DiPietro did play very well.
  6. Kovalev dropping his gloves and trying to get into it...lol...frustration has set in.
  7. It's hard for me to hate on the Laffs (wow, never thougth Id utter that phrase) as much as I'm hating on Koivu right now. Because I'm looking at them hanging tough in that game against the Canes, and have to grudgingly give them just a teeny weeny smidgen of respect. Do we ever!
  8. This team needs a major shake-up...something that will snap them out of their indifference out there. I'd like to see Koivu stripped of his 'C'. Seriously. It's the only major shocking move left available, now that the trade deadline has passed. And I'd also like to add, he's earned a demotion with the way he has played.
  9. No, the useless 'finnish' wearing the 'C' is enough...no more, please!
  10. Koivu just makes it so hard for me to let him out of the doghouse
  11. YIPES...Ovechkin just made Komisarek look like a beer-leaguer...good thing we have a cushion.
  12. I can't remember the last time we battered a team into calling an early timeout.
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