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  1. cant even compare golf to hockey. Tiger Woods game didn`t decline because he was getting old, else Phil Mickelson or Jack Niklaus wouldn't be competitive at their respective ages. /sarcasm golf isnt even a sport, its a game. but i digress, Markov should be traded.
  2. if the coach aint yelling at the players especially the star players, he aint being a good coach.
  3. probably has something to do with danny kristo partying it up./ nonetheless im kinda disappointed
  4. Lecavalier signed for pretty much the league maximum after the 1st lockout... i dont think he will settle for $4M...
  5. What happens after next season? The cap will be $64.3M, but it'll probably go back to up $68-70M(if the revenue for next season goes back to what it was before this short season) for 2014/2015 season right? and thats when Markov/Gionta contract are up, there should be plenty of cap space, no?
  6. You posted that just minutes before the Hawks won the cup... and were still leading the series anyways. Im not too sure where in that series you saw the hawks getting crushed by the bruins..
  7. link? because i specifically heard Bob Cole say something like "Looks like they're aren't sending this to Toronto" on the cbc feed
  8. only those that are deemed too close to call. apparently this wasnt close.
  9. Im Pretty sure Bob Cole mentioned they didnt even bother going to Toronto in the game. It was called by the video judge in the Ottawa building.
  10. dont think hes going to accept less than his last contract at 3.5/per
  11. cant actually get into 100% game shape without actually getting into games.
  12. http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2013/1/21/3884474/p-k-subban-vs-his-peers-habs-montreal-canadiens so we have an elite defensemen acording to all the statistical analysis in the world. im not going to pretend i understand the math behind all this, but I can read words with the best of them, and according to the author of this article, Subban is a top-15 overall defensemen. pay him and sign him like one MB.
  13. That's stupid. You can only be hit from behind if you have the puck(otherwise, it's interference). If you have the puck, then you ARE facing the play.. The play is the puck. If you turn around with the puck, you are still facing the play.
  14. those under contract in the euro leagues will probably still get paid and practise with the team, even if there's an influx of 2-3 NHLers...
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