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  1. as long as we score idc what i listen to
  2. awesome game go habs go... for lulz go to youtube and click the first featured vid and thank me later.
  3. no but its just cooler.. 103 still stands and is very much possible. what does the winner get?
  4. Jose Theodore /thread. J/k. Im with Plante on this one as well.
  5. I vote best on both ballots. and will update with a new avvy every week.
  6. I have no words that can describe what just happened.
  7. sportsnet claims hossa to penguins. for Angelo Esposito Colby Armstrong Erik Christensen sad sad day.
  8. yea im afraid of that as well. the media will critisize and whatnot. sucks. I still have faith. i smell sth big. and hossa is not the only big thing.
  9. again from the sportsnet crew(i dont approve but i cant stream anything else live here in greece) Hossa was asked not to join the morning skate.
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