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  1. I really dont think hes gunna play either... his ankle might be healed, but a few more days of skating with the team to get in shape couldnt hurt when the team is doing well without him, plus i think carbo wants to see Lapierre in one more game.

    Go Habs Go!!

    p.s. i was listening to french radio last night, its crazy how they go insane for a french player, sounds like they expect Lapierre to be the next Bob Gainey

    lol on Bonsoire les Sportifs?

    i listend to it too...but all old ron was talking about is who would you like to have in your team....superstar goalie, foward or defence.....most people said goalie...cause goalies make the difference...n e ways

    on team 990 the confirmed that Higgins will not play...as well as begin....souray should play and kovalev is game time decision

    this update brought to you by The team 990

  2. higgins wants to play tonight...thats a fact...but he as to wait for medical green light....do i want him in the line up? i say we wait till the habs enter a slump...im afraid the other players are going to relax now that higgins is back...it has always been this way and always will...even in my 13 year old soccer team...when the star player was back we sucked...when he was gone we were amazing....ahh the good old memories...

    n e ways habs win...if they play with heart

  3. not only french goalies...french players all in all have good games against the habs...its like they have something to prove themselves...and mostly cause all they're friends and family are watching

    as one said earlier...its going to be interesting to watch samsonov tomorow...his he still going to shoot and drive to the net...or did he give his contribution for 18-19 games?

    Do you guys think Huet is going to be shaky? hasent been himself since that 6-5 lost to the bruins...

    this and more in about 18 hours

  4. most of the players are questionnable except for higgins

    souray: wrist

    begin rib cage

    murray: can't remember but I don't care much ...he totaly sucks this year

    and bouillon: lower body: ( God!! I hate that expression)

    as you say...murray i'm kinda glad cause we get lapierre....but the rest is worrisome...

  5. I don't know if this'll jinx him, but I dreamed that Sammy scored 2 late 3rd period goals to force overtime, and Koivu scored the OT winner.

    Hopefully I've become prophetic...

    Doubtful though, as later on, when I checked the scoresheet, Demitra appeared on the Habs roster...

    Regardless, I think our boys will be up for this one, and will dismantle the Ruins. GO HABS GO!!!

    the all mighty lazy26....all praise ...im just curious s=to see whats happening with souray....god lets hope he's okay.....on a brighter side...higgins participated in a full practice today

  6. I gave up getting a Wii before 2007. I'm happy for Nintendo tough, I'm glad to see them turning things arround.

    is it true that the SONY are having major probleme with theyre new console???? so ive heard...saying they cant adjust the Blu-ray good enough...saynig that 3 out of 5 consoles are defective....any updates please...

  7. 2 hours till puck drops...going to be a tough game tonight...whats Buffalo lost two in a row?? and you can be sure they will seek revenge for that 2 seconde left goal....now i think we can win this...heck washington creamed them...we are a better team the washington now are we? what did washington do to score so many goals? were they crashing the net?

  8. As the title says, this is only a dream... But with the current situation in Toronto, it is becoming more and more possible that the club will look to move their captain. Now with that being said, they would probably want picks/young players and cap relief(which is what everyone wants nowadays), but as the habs stand now, cap relief isn't something we can really offer.

    So the possibility of getting our hands on Sundin aren't out of the question, all we would need is for Gainey to find some cap relief somewhere and then maybe send someone underachieving(not going to name anyone, we've all got our own ideas) with an expiring contract, a young guy or two, a second round pick, and bam, we've got Sundin as a SECOND LINE CENTER. This would strike fear in the heart of any opposing coach, who does he send his checking line out against? For the sake of line suggestions, I'll assume Kovalev would still be around after these deals and that Samsonov would not be, leaving possibilities of (first 2 lines):


    Latendresse-Sundin-Kovalev <--There's a solid what? 690 lbs on this line? :o!!!




    I could keep going and list every different possible permutation of these six players, but I'll let you do the dreaming instead.

    Now while this is all a great dream, we need to take into account exactly HOW difficult it would be to pull off.

    First, Sundin commands a salary of 4.5, but he would represent 6.33 million against the cap because of the average salary of his contract. 6.33m is a great deal of money and it would cost a few young players packaged with some money wasters to get anywhere near 3-4 million of cap relief. This relief plus what we've already got under the cap(which is about a million? a bit less?) would be enough to land him, meaning that some salary will obviously be sent to Toronto in the deal.

    Second, Sundin's got a no-trade clause. Seeing as how he turns 36 in february, he'll possibly want to waive his no-trade clause due simply to the fact that he has won no cups and there are none in sight in the near future in Toronto. Also, the thing about a no-trade clause is the player will usually speak with management to tell them which teams they would like to be traded to. Would he come to Montreal? We've got no swedes on the roster right now, but I don't think this would bother him. With his acquisition we'd be vaulted into top contender status (depending on our standing when the deal is made), which would give him an opportunity to play for the cup. I don't think he's worried about the montreal media, as he's played a large portion of his career in Toronto, whose media is pretty bad too. Actually, I think if he was traded to Montreal, the Toronto media would be all over him, which could be a concern. So wether or not Sundin would waive his clause to come to Montreal is up in the air, I don't even think John Ferguson Jr. could tell you right now.

    Sundin's contract is for the rest of this season and has a team option for the next at 4.5m, which is still cheap for this good of a player.

    This somehow came up and I was really interested, and like everyone does when a sweet thought comes up, I checked if it could actually work, and it could. We know Gainey will be looking to clear some space to sign our free agent defensemen, so by letting Sundin walk at season's end, there's 6.33m plus the possible 2.5m extra that's supposed to be added to the cap next season. And who knows! Maybe when we let Sundin walk away at the end of the season and everyone's offering 5 million, he comes back for a new cheaper contract to Montreal(depending on how much we've got left after the D sign) and says "Let's do it again!"

    Sundin's been knocked lately for his production, but honestly, he plays with Tucker! In Montreal, he will finally have someone to play with. Also, Sundin's been known for consistency, something our friend Alex Kovalev has not been known for, so maybe Sundin's the guy we've been looking for to get Kovalev to produce every night.

    As nice as it seems, I'm still going to be realistic about it and say that the chances of this move happening are slim to none.

    "Et voici Sundin à la ligne bleue, c'est deux contre un! Sundin, passe à Kovalev, ET LE BUUUT!!!"

    I dare to dream...

    nice post...but the chance of this happening.....i think not i think we could have a better chance at getting Forsberg...but only if he's healthy...a healthy Forsberg is a dominant Forsberg

  9. I think he's referring to the line shuffle Carbo did late in the game.

    indeed i am...but i guess they werent ligimate changes, but i like what i saw...second line you have Lats doing the dirty work, sammy doing circles and pleksmissing shots...no just kidding sammy hads some speed and pleks well he has the defending awarness

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