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  1. Did you see his apology on Letterman last night? I guess Seinfeld set it all up, he looked really shaken up though. Felt bad for the guy, you know he's not actually a racist. It's on break.com if you want to check it out.

    yeah actually thats how i saw that he did something

  2. For those who caught Sportscenter on RDS.

    Habs are playing with 7 defensemen tomorrow (Niinimaa gets scratched).

    Carbo sent Kostitsyn down because he didn't like his work ethic.

    i need more expliation for this....he seemed to be the only one actually trying to score a goal on the second line...the hell??

  3. I posted a reply on that newsday.com article:

    As a Habs fan, for whom tradition is part of the fabric of the team, this idea of new jerseys is a nightmare. It's the same as MLB saying the Yankees classic pinstripes will be changed for some futuristic plain design.

    If the NHL ever goes that far, Reebok products will most likely be boycotted all over the province of Quebec. In a place where hockey is religion, they call the Habs jersey "La Ste-Flanelle" because its second only the Shroud of Turin in the holiness hierarchy. You dont mess with that!

    well said my friend...i for one will boycott reebok

  4. the thing is we saw what we had to see from putting plekanecs center of kovalev and samsonov...it just didnt click....but perhaps the real problem on that line is indeed Kovalev...perhaps he is injured but still...that guy coulndt careless...and the Suite for the kids? probebly is agents idea...all and all i dissagree with putting down Kostitsyn...since he was teh one keeping that second line alive...and as for the second line...id rather see Bonk in between the russians then plekanecs...add defence to that line...and lets the russians play without the worry of turnarounds or poor defending...you heard it here first!

  5. Nah, I only wish. Even if I still had my PSP, I could start a thread from standing in line. Sadly, it's just me and a friend waiting all night. Luckily, we're going through a chinook right now so it shouldn't be that cold. -1 at the worst I think.

    did you see teh ps3 lauch movie on cnn?

    crazy stuff...also poeple going at queues with guns to take the innocents money...take heed my friend and be carefull

    lol crazy motherf**kers

  6. Damn HITB, I was trying to keep it a secret. :lol:

    Should be leaving within the hour and then I'm stuck in a lawn chair until 8-10 AM tomorrow morning (MTN Time). I was going to try and risk it and just get to some place like Wal Mart a couple hours before they open but I'm too anxious. I've also managed to convince one of my Sony fanboy friends to get a Wii, heh.

    do you have a laptop?? maybe you can start a thread of you queueing in line (and keep up with the game tonight of course)

  7. No, they appeared out from under a rock one day to terrorize music downloaders. Their ultimate vengeance on us poor piraters came in the form of a nasty little round thing called "St.Anger".

    It truly was a dreadful moment in history, not many people like to bring it up anymore. Similar to Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. The CD Which Must Not Be Named.

    but you kinda have to agree with what they were saying...metallica ok...but how about the new bands that dont have 10 or more albums...they struggle to make money and we the pirates...or whatever take a peice of they're pay by illegale downloading...same for dvds...thats why i buy most of the things...cause they get no money..they wont be able to continue

  8. I can beat that when Halo 3 is out. I'll actually have Master Chief's helmet, it comes with the Legendary version pre-order.

    Ooooooh yeah.

    helmet...thats all you got?? do you knwo what warhammer is???? (oh they also got books but never red them)

  9. Oh boy, I have something perfect for this thread.

    I'll be back tomorrow morning. ;)

    i have a good idea what your going to show...starts with Nin...finishes with tendo and as the mark of WII

    My BC Flag and my Canadian flag haven't figured out a way to post them on here without it being gigantic.

    (yes I know my most prized possession are flags oh well)

    i think you forgot the show part...

  10. Aside from the fairly obvious Harry Potter/Dan Brown stuff, I like the weird sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Like comic/video game based stuff. X-Men novels, Resident Evil novels, Halo novels, Magic novels (like the card game, Magic:The Gathering). I've read the entire Hitchhikers series too..well almost, I bought a 4 in 1 book, I think I've read two and a half. I plan on finishing it tonight while I wait for the Wii.

    I further establish myself as an uber nerd at HW with this post. =P

    your only a ubber nerd if you have Warhammer figurines...i do...go ahead throw your stones...

  11. i noticed a lot of people showing pictures of there prized values or what not ...and since i went to french school (didnt have show and tell) was always facinated by it in the english tv shows when i was younger...so heres my show and tell....


    I introduce you to the black Pearl....

    shes a 25th anniversary Fender Stratocaster..

    she takes away the pain just by giving her a few strokes

    she as a great blues or jazz sound...altough i look more for a metal sound...but she still does the trick

    she comes with a tremolo...but i dont really use it...

    now you show and tell me something you value :)

  12. Metalli-who?

    werent those guys lost in the bermuda triangle back in 1990? the only living member "Jason Newsted" was found and rescued on distant island around 3 or 4 years ago.... the whereabouts of the others is still a mistery!

    yeah they've dissapered since and justice for all...

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