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  1. well not really complain beacause all gifts come from the heart....

    i got

    -2 canadiens beer bucks

    -alot of new clothes

    -red saku koivu t-shirt

    -robe de chambre

    -and seinfeld seaon 7

    ohh and a hell load of cirtificates...cheesy and laziest gift you can give lol

  2. dont worry maca, we'Re supposed to have 10 to 20 cm on tuesday.

    there is a god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    heheh hopefully well merry Xmas everyone! happy holidays for the Politicaly correct...and

    may you all have safe journeys on the road...ohhh and no drinking and driving...especiay with so many organizations out there...theres no excuses!!

    Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Buona Natale!

  3. somebody once posted a web page showing all the habs hockey games...not sure if it was google or yahoo...can someone repost the site please...i missed tonights game..

    if its not habworld.net permitted feel free to close

  4. great song indeed.

    man your sig is awesome but carbonneau seems to be enjoying gainey a bit too much :lol:

    lol yeah thanks! took me about 2 hours to do it! i just starting messing with Photoshop...i had asked the guy habsrock ( ithink) but refused...but as time goes ill improve

  5. Bummer...poor neighbor dude pulled into the alley behind my house. He slide into a garbage dumpster and it went right through his passenger side door. As in metal through the metal. We were able to get a 2x4 under the dumpster and wedge it high enough to get it out of his door, but his truck is messed up.


  6. With the talent in the system, the men in charge and the intangibles of history, what we are witnessing here right now is the rise of a giant. I've never looked forward to spring more than this year.

    hehehe! even when they are not trying to win they win! :D

    but seriously tonight if they played as they did against buffalo it would of been devastating in Philly right now!

    well Bruins are better....is Carbo going to stay with aebischer...or going to put back Huet,last time they met huet got the pull

  7. Man o man am i fed up of this cool temperature, i want cold...blistering cold dammit!

    i remember when i was younger going to Toys R us with me mom and getting Mario Paint on the 24th of december ( forgot the year) and had to take the bus and it was freaking -30 outside...i remember Playing Hockey on my birthday (dec 15) does anyone know of a site that averages fallen snow and the temperature for each month and year?? i would really be interested in looking that up....

    i think we wont be able to play hockey outside until mid january here....

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