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  1. no kings player got control of the puck, it just deflected off them.
  2. Habs I/O reports Sergei on the 3rd line, also gionta on the top line and moen with poulio and gomez
  3. CBC: Carbonneau joins HNIC That's a bit of a surprise, i guess he couldn't find and coaching work...
  4. No big reason to worry, considering what position the rangers are in, i'm sure bob wants the team at their best, at the expense of tonight, which is a game we can still win with a weakened lineup. The biggest thing about this game for me is that we lose all possibility of making it to 4th if we lose . Plus, who knows Janik might be the new markov...
  5. If price is "100%" then he's in. but if there is any lingering symptoms/weakness from his flu, Halak will play. I haven't heard anything yet, so i assume it will be a gameday/gametime decision
  6. yea, the high stick was a complete non-call. the stick touched his shoulder at best
  7. one change in the lineup, stewart replaces chipchura
  8. Wow, the game is on the full CBC network...let me guess: leafs arent' playing? Yeap, thought so.
  9. ...and yet boston wins again.... i guess you can never have it all. also NJ and philly also won, so no distancing ourselves from them either.
  10. nice, a double 5-hole. a very memorable trick. hopefully a GWG
  11. dejavu? lol seems like the same goal twice... you'd think they'd learn...
  12. For the record, the penalty shot occured at the begining of the 2nd, so the habs have taken 6 consecutive penalties plus 5 consecutive in the first for 11 total
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