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  1. It doesn't matter, the Leafs are going to get him for Kulemin and Grabovski.
  2. Weber just turned 23 years old. At 23 years old Mark Streit was struggling to stick in the minors. He played 58 games between the AHL/ECHL and IHL. He registered 21 points. Weber had 11 points in 41 NHL games as a 22 year old. I don't understand why this would be Weber's last chance in managements eyes, he is 9 months older than PK Subban, a superstar in everybody's eyes, a superstar who didn't make the league until last September. PK Subban played one season in Hamilton. He played 77 games and scored 53 points. Yanick Weber has averaged 49 points in his two AHL seasons. I am not suggesting that Weber is Subban, but he has been pretty damn productive at the OHL level and at the AHL level and is still very young. Mark Streit was a disaster in his first season defensively. He struggled to maintain a starting defensive role and was used as a forward for the majority of his time in Montreal. Mark Streit was 28 when he joined the Canadiens. After the Habs let him go, all I heard was what a mistake it was, how the Habs haven't adequately replaced him etc. yet Weber is down to his last chances 5 years younger than Streit with a better resume? Tomas Plekanec at 23 had two pro games under his belt. Everbody has high hopes for Desharnais' future growth, he is 25 years old. Diaz will be 26 in 3 months. It is inconsistent logic to afford some players opportunities for growth and cut off others at younger ages and stages of development. It is inconsistent based on pre-conceived notions or unrealistic expectations. Weber should be allowed growing pains like any other player regardless of whether the Habs are struggling because of injuries. He should be allowed to grow into a Streit level player and be treated with patience. Diaz is more polished because he is 3 years older, let's rejoin this conversation in 2014/15. Short term thinking can lead to long term mistakes.
  3. This is the same team that in their last meaningful game overcame a 2-0 game seven deficit, then a 3-2 deficit with 2 minutes to go. How could they possibly be so mentally fragile that they don't believe in themselves after 20 regular season minutes? It is one game. Last season they lost the opener to the Leafs and played an inferior game. This team bounced back through everything all season last season, one loss and we are doubting again? You are going to give yourself an ulcer.
  4. Are you really making proclomations based on 6 minutes?
  5. Love it. Knuckles is ripping Cherry on Twitter. http://twitter.com/#!/knucklesnilan30
  6. They are dreaming. The rebound control alone shows the difference between the two.
  7. All of this nonsense will go away the second the Habs win a regular season game. This is the lineup that finished Game 7 against the Stanley Cup Champion Bruins. Cammalleri/Plekanec/Kostitsyn Gionta/Gomez/Darche Halpern/Eller/Moen Pyatt/White/Weber Subban/Gill Hamrlik/Spacek Wisniewski/Sopel Here is the lineup that will likely start this season Cammalleri/Plekanec/COLE Gionta/Gomez/PACIORETTY Kostitsyn/Desharnais/Darche Moen/Enqvist/Weber Subban/Gill GORGES/Spacek CAMPOLI/YEMELIN Add Eller, Markov, White, Diaz at some point during the season and you are telling me that is not a better team? When did a 37 year old Roman Hamrlik become a make or break player? How does a team that banged with the "rough and tough" Boston Bruins for 7 games all of sudden become less tough with the addition of two power forwards in Pacioretty and Cole? A physical defenseman in Yemelin and the return of the under appreciated Gorges. Kostitsyn/Desharnais/Eller/Darche now get matched up against 3rd line opponents nightly, not the top units. This team is better than the 2011 edition even with injuries.
  8. I don't know if you can judge a player based on one play especially considering some of the ridiculous brain cramps Beaulieu has made this pre-season. He is another puck moving defenseman in the fold and adds depth. I am not going to worry about the sky falling just yet.
  9. Either you believe it, or you don't. This is a 50/50 statement. The Bruins were 1-3-1 in last years pre-season. They gave up 3 goals per game and averaged barely two per. They started the seaosn 6-2 and gave up 11 goals in 8 games, the same amount they gave up in the 5 game pre-season. AND, they won the Stanley Cup. The Vancouver Canucks had a 3-5 pre-season record and gave up 27 goals in 8 games. They won the presidents trophy and made it to game seven of the Stanley Cup final. The Leafs finished the pre-season in first place in the East through September 2010. In 2009 the leading goal scorer in the pre-season was Viktor Stalberg. In 2009 the Leafs beat Philly, Pittsburgh, Detroit twice. These games mean NOTHING. There is no proof that teams carry momentum from the pre-season into the regular season. Carey Price has played 120 minutes in 5 games. Subban has played two games. Markov has played none. Palushaj has played most of them. When they start to count, I will begin to get concerned.
  10. You guys are rocketing up his value in relation to Toronto's "evaluation' of what the return would be. Damien Cocks implied the Leafs could get him for Tyler Bozak. Meh. No way the Coyotes toss him away for that.
  11. He was pretty deep and left a hell of a lot for glove side at that angle, but that is why he is an AHL goaltender.
  12. Hamrlik didn't paper Markov's absence last season. If Subban had not raised his game and Gauthier had not brought in Wiz then the Habs would have likely struggled like they did without Markov in Hammers first three seasons. The difference between you and I is that I trust Gauthier. As for getting upset about a 2nd rounder I could care less. I just watched Burke rebuild his minor league system while missing picks all over the place. At a certain point there will be no roster spot for Kristo or Leblanc etc and they can be dealt for picks, if they do force their way on the roster the guys who they will replace can be dealt for picks to make up for the precious second rounder they deal. I got caught in linear thinking like this with the cap only to watch teams do all types of moves to get under it. It is constantly evolving and players who you view as stiffs today could have a Pacioretty like rise over 50 games.
  13. Like I said before, you are making these proclamations without ever seeing Emelin or Diaz play. I am less than concerned with prospects right now because the Habs have solid depth to go with a strong young NHL core. Not only are Emelin, Weber and Diaz strong young D prospects, but the Habs have Beaulieu, Nygren and Mac Bennett in the system. Diaz and Emelin are both 25, so their adjustment is going to be mental, not physical. So if Gauthier's mild gamble on Markov being ready for the opener requires them spending a 2nd round pick, big deal. The way Timmins regularly plucks NHL talent after the 2nd round the Habs can survive without next years 2nd round pick if it bridges a gap to Markov. Either way, I am more interested who is healthy in April than October. If the Habs enter the playoffs with Markov, Subban, Gorges, Gill, Spacek and a seasoned Emelin with guys like Weber and Diaz ready to play the Streit/Dandenault role I am more than happy. I also don't understand the worry about him "never being the same", like the thing that made Markov different was physical. Markov's strength are positioning, passing and intelligence. He is not in the PK, Chelios mold where when you remove the knees their game is hampered significantly because one of his strengths is removed. One thing that jumped out at me was that Markov was very vague and dodged plenty of questions today, that doesn't bode well for him starting the season.
  14. Hey, the season is back. Speculating and a sense of doom before any real information has actually been released.
  15. The odds of him getting an RFA offer are pretty slim. The Habs have been pretty consistent in their RFA dealings.
  16. Basu has written three articles on Gorges over the last week. The post wasn't directed at this board, but the fact that people are discussing a 4-6th defenseman at all and why we needed to get him signed for more than one year. Who cares. This team played great without Gorges and Markov and took the Stanley Cup Champions to Game 7 OT. I understand the value of individuals, but there aren't many players who aren't replaceable and Gorges is a good player, great character, but totally replaceable.
  17. Only in Montreal could a stay at home defenseman signing a one year deal be a controversy or a major discussion point. I like Gorges, but I liked Mike Lalor too. I liked Kevin Haller. I liked Lyle Odelein. Next subject.
  18. Now every win can be credited to Cunneyworth and all the losses to Martin. Balance has been restored.
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