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  1. Did you not think I was F***ing with you ?

    I have a sense of humour.

    But, this is my last post., I'm gone.

    Lets hope we win the cup. :clap:

    Hey Ecurb, I didn't mean to insult you, I was just being a goof and teasing you about how all your messages have very short truncated lines (like a japanese haiku). Stupid joke - I apologize.... please stick around!

  2. Sorry, but I just don't see any of this new speed or any general improvement in Latendresse. He's completely a non-factor out there. I know he's just a kid, but it's a little disconcerting. I'm not anti-Latendresse... (nor am I

    Antii-Laaksonen), but I wouldn't be averse to sending him to Hamilton (and bringing up D'Agostini) for some MUCH needed seasoning and confidence-boosting. Seems to me at the beginning of the season I heard somewhere that he had 10 or 15 games to play before he could not be sent down without going through waivers.

    OK,let me have it.... I can take it.

  3. Good to see that the Habs have the full compliment of players to choose from. I am excited to see how the Habs look fully loaded, the only surpirse i have is why Laraque is not in the lineup. Would've expected him to be in instead of Dandy. I guess maybe he is still slightly nursing his groin injury, and maybe Carbo doesn't really see the need for him against the Canes. At the same time maybe Dandy is also insurance in case O'byrne struggles and needs to ride pine again.

    good point.

  4. You know they are NOT going to cut lats. And that is the only guy to cut because it doesn't make sense cutting Begin and putting PAC on line 4 and/or pressbox some nights.

    If you don't put him on Lines 2 or 3, then he is being wasted and a year in Hamilton would be better for him. My choice would be cut Lats, open the door for MaxPac :huh:

    Crazy Depth :hlogo:

    Anyway here are my thoughts on the game:

    Max- pretty speechless

    Lang shootout goal- as slick as a backhand gets

    Pierre actually said cut Lats

    I hate Downey

    Great game by Carey

    O'byrne (as much as i like him) had an awful game

    Gorges was a shot blocking machine as was Komi

    Marky was missed on PP

    Was Weber just a 1 shot wonder? Bad game

    Diago was respectable

    Sergie was flying

    Crowd :clap::clap::clap: Greatest crowd in the league, hands down.

    Boston is going to be a blood bath... Dress some toughness.

    With all due respect, I thought Sergei stunk... as he has for all the pre-season (except maybe one game). I'm concerned ... there's something up with him. He could be the cut that lets MaxPac stay.

  5. Not sure how you say I am wrong though. Dino has cc in his name but it isnt a tch sound so I dont get how 1 c can make a tch sound from his name. 2 cc's can also make s sounds, thats true.

    The way we say Ciccarelli seems to make Pacioretty sound like pass but again there isnt 2 c's so I'm not sure if thats right.

    I seem to say it pack i or e tea

    Who knows though, I bet his own family doesnt know how its pronounced. Italian is a strange language. There are a lot of different Italian dialects and not all Italians can actually speak Italian to each other it can very so much from region to region. I still dont beleive it is Italian. I guess we need for an Italian to have a say on it.

    Without knowing his families country of origin it would be hard to figure out how to say it properly. If he is Czech its probably pronounced Beckorallash. :lol:

    You cant just go by what the anouncers say because they do butcher a lot of names. We all know its Plekanets not Plekanech. Same with Huet, I still think even Huet pronounces his own name wrong well unless he has British roots and they fracaphonized his name. You-Eh should be right, Hewitt definitely doesnt seem to go with how words ending in et are pronounced in French.

    I am interested to here how Pacioretty pronounces it. :D

    You're right in that Pacioretty doesn't look like your typical Italian name... if it was Pacioretti, then I'd be inclined to say it was Italian. The name could've very well started out as Pacioretti back in the "old world" and the spelling of it became "anglicized" once his family moved to America. I know a girl named Pratz whose family comes from Calabria in Italy and their name was originally Prazza, but over time it got americanized.

    Or his family might be from some northern border area of Italy where languages/cultures are more mixed with French of Germanic influences. Could have Corsican/Sardinian roots too...

    Or the name could be of Romanian origin... some pretty odd names and spellings over there. Plus he has the dark complexion of those people.

    I guess only Max knows!

  6. I think Chips had a great game last night. 60% in the face-off circle. Did really well against Spezza. I've always thought of him as a Brian Skrudland type player so I'm not looking to him for mega points. He will shine as he gets older and probably take on a major leadership role with the team. All you guys seem so down on him but I actually see him taking Laps place fairly quickly. Laps is a good agitator but if it came down to keeping one of them it would be Chips I would keep. He'll find his spot on this team soon enough.

    Could very well be. Lapierre, with all his new added muscle, is not doing a damn thing this camp - he looks useless. With Lapierre, we have 3 "pests" - we certainly don't need that many. Having Chipchura on the 4th line would instantly inject a bit of offense and playmaking on that line... of which there is basically none.

  7. Hmm, silly question but is it just me or are the announcers badly butchering the pronounciation of several of the young Habs names.

    i.e. Subban - is it really pronounced soo-bin :unsure:

    and Pacioretty - I seriously doubt the Italian way they seem to be saying his name is correct because its not an Italian name afaik. For the tch sound in Italian you need double c`s and the ettie sound the t`s are always followed by an i at the end and its just 1 t not 2. All Italians last names end in vowels (a,e,i,o, and u), and not sometimes y. Y rarely counts as a vowel in English. I have no clue where they are getting Patchorettie from. :huh:

    Well, not really bud.... for instance the correct pronunciation of ol' Dino Ciccarelli is "Chick-a-relli". So one "C" is all you need in Italian for "tch" sound.

  8. Has anyone else noticed Sergei K? Something seems to be not quite right with him.... I don't know if it's nerves or what. Two stinky stinky games in a row. Giveaway after giveaway... making risky, low-percentage passes much of the time and poor decisions with the puck. I'm just a little concerned.

    I think I'd like to see him on a different line than Andrei... he just seems to be looking to set up his brother with a cross-ice pass all the time. I'd like to see him develop his own identify and independence out of Andrei's shadow and on a different line.

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